Altering a pattern, how to? & what's that stitch called?

Hi all,

I’m a relative beginner working on a pair of longies. The pattern tapers in the bottom of the leg & has a ribbing cuff. How do I go about altering the bottom to make them slightly flared with a flat, straight bottom edge - what’s that stitch called - so it doesn’t get folded up or go all curly. I’m just past the knee on the first leg, knitting on straight needles (not in the round).

Hope someone can help.


Hi Fishie,

For a flared cuff, I’d suggest just increase the number of stitches gradually over the last few rows. If you use the same needle size in rib stitch, the rib stitches will appear bigger than stocking stitch (if that’s what you’re using). I think the stitch you’re thinking of is the “bind-off edge” - there’s a few methods detailed here on this website!

You could also do a garter or seed stitch edge to prevent curling, or a hem.

Purl a row at the length you want it to be and then knit a hem in stockinette.