altering a pattern (by accident)

Hi knitters,

I’m working on a baby cardigan. This is my first project larger than a bonnet. So far I’ve made some alterations because I ending up doing something wrong and I didn’t want to go back and unravel the whole thing. I seem to have either cast-on an extra stitch on ended up adding one, and I also intentionally worked 10 rows where instructed to do 9 in order to end up on the WS (as per the pattern).

I noted down the changes so that when I do the left front (of the cardigan) it’s symmetrical. And I figure than one extra stitch in the body piece won’t make much of a difference.

Do you advanced knitters make up for mistakes like this as you go along (and have good results!) or is this a no-no? And perhaps there are some things that you absolutely cannot fudge? I’m thinking of WS/RS, for example.


For most things if I have one extra I just k2tog or if I’m one short I just M1. If it’s more than one stitch you may need to just start over sometimes…depends on the project. As for knitting an extra row or two…sure I do that a lot. There re no rules or unwritten rules that you can’t fudge it. It’s your project and if it works and you’re happy with the results that’s all that matters. :slight_smile:


Hi, thanks! Knitting 2tog or M1 (had to look that one up :wink: didn’t even occur to me. Good tip!


One extra stitch or one extra row will not make much of a difference. You did the wise thing by noting it to make the other side to match. Thinking the back will also need an extra row to match the fronts.

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As long as it is a tad bit bigger rather than smaller, then baby will grow into it all too quickly! Making the other front the same will work out great but remember when seaming to the back that you need to adjust for the extra rows. Welcome to bigger projects.

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Thanks very much :slight_smile: