Altered my books

I am so giddy for having done this. Went down to Kinkos to have it done. Cost around $15 for all three books. I was going to have Scarf Style done too but after consultation with the woman at Kinkos we decided it was likely that some of the text would be lost. Since there are charts in that spot too it just didn’t seem prudent! :wink:

:yay: :cheering: :yay:

Isn’t that nice?? I did that for my SKS book, and I was soooooooo glad. It’s so handy!

:happydance: I want have my sks book done this way too… but I don’t have a place close to me but dh would when he drives into work… ohhhhhh sweeeeettttiiiieeee…:teehee:

What a great idea! I’d never thought to do that. Spiral binding is the best. samm

They should make all pattern books spiral! It would so much easier! Great idea and I’m glad to see they came out okay!

:woohoo:I wonder if that would work for Cables Untangled? That one I so need to keep the pages open for!

So cool! :cool: I love that idea. :muah: I would think it would be much more expensive to have that done. 3 books for $15.00 total? That’s great. :thumbsup:

Yes it would have been cheaper if I had gone with one of those plastic comb rings but i like the metal one better and i think it is probably sturdier.

I actually got it cheaper because she said it took longer than she had said it would. lol i had no idea, since i wasn’t paying attention to the time. Who was I to argue though? :shrug:


I would open the book and look at the crease. She said it takes about 1/4 inch to cut the back off and then it is probably about another 1/4 - 1/2 for the holes. Some of the books have the words and charts too close to the crease to have them spiral bound.

very cool… will have to look into it :wink:

The metal IS much sturdier. When I am sent thick books to examine they are almost invariably plastic comb and despite always having them flat on a desk they eventually come apart somewhere. Great idea and they did a good job.

Such a great idea! It is so silly to not have a lay flat binding in a pattern book anyway. I think I may have to go get that done!

Where else can you get this done?Don’t have a Kinkos around here

i would think print shops would do it too.

I have a friend who is a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator and she has all her class catalogues done like that. It’s such a GREAT idea and really worth the extra expense.

Years ago, I had a stapled copy of a cookbook my great-aunt had done for her children. My mom gave me a copy and I took it to the copy place and had copies done for my three girls and my two sisters (and me too!). It was such a great idea. Now we all have an “heirloom” cookbook of our family’s special Italian recipes.

Thanks for sharing that great idea! You get a gold :star:!

WOW, I did not know you could do that!!!

OK- that is brilliant!! just at a regular Kinko’s? you just hand them the regular book and you get it back this way? Or did they make a copy then rebind? I have GOT to do this. how did you find out about it?

lol yes just a regular kinkos. Took the books in handed them over and they handed them back about 15 minutes later bound up like that. no copies or anything.

Here’s what you need to look at when you are deciding. The top book is scarf style and the bottom is SKS. you can kind of see that the crease in Scarfstyle is about the same size as the already done SKS. probably not enough room for the binding in scarf style. it would be very close. Ask them at the store if you aren’t sure… they will be able to tell you for sure.

Oh sorry I just saw your last question. One of the women at my LYS had mentioned it a long time ago when I was trying to decide if i really wanted to buy Knitter’s Stash. She had done that to her copy. Then I heard it again recently on some podcast I was listening to and remembered I wanted to do it. Only took about a month longer to actually get it done…lol.

Can I say this is also a great idea for cooking books. They drive you mad when you have to balance something on them to keep the page open. You can buy special stands but if the recipe is on a new page that has to be turned over and you want to flip back and forth, spiral binding is much easier.

This is actually an idea to give your kids to do for you for Christmas or a birthday etc. $5 for a book is do-able for most older teens and its such a practical thing that you can appreciate. Your kids can always put a clear cover on the front also (available at those shops) and decorate that for you. :slight_smile: