Alt stitch

I’m knitting cardigan, pattern says work 24 rows dec 1st at each end of 1st and every foll alt roe 20st cast of remaining 20st

Decrease at each end of the row (that’s 2sts decreased per decrease row). Decrease on rows 1,3,5,7,9 etc until 20sts remain.
What pattern are you working? Can you give us a name or a link?

King Cole pattern- 4599 drifter chunky…
Shape armholes.
44sts work 24rows dec 1st at each end of 1st and every foll alt row 20st remain
Thanks for replying

Ah, very nice! Enjoy working this sweater and post a photo when you finish. We’d love to see it.

A what decreasing method do you use at each end?Im making a sweater with raglan sleeves and looking for the best way to decrease that doesnt look messy

It’s a personal preference but I like the line of decreases to follow the raglan line. The decreases look like this /----.
At the beginning of a right side row, work an ssk and at the end of the row, a k2tog. Work the decreases one stitch from the ends so you have a stitch for a seam should you need it.
If there are decreases on the wrong side rows, work a p2tog at the k2tog and a p2tog through the back loop at the ssk.