Also Looking for Classic Elite "Farm" book #9062

Hi ~

This is my first post on this site so please correct me if I am not doing things correctly. I visited my local yarn store today, fell in love with one of their display pieces & asked for the pattern book only to find that they no longer carry it ~ it is discontinued. I am looking for the Classis Elite book called “Farm” - book number 9062. The pattern I am specifically looking for is the seed stitch cardigan. I would love to purchase this if anyone has one to offer!

Thanks for your help.

Have you checked eBay or Amazon? Sorry, those are the only suggestions I have.

Hi swheatsue,

You could try here,
I was looking for this myself when I found your post but decided not to buy it.
Good Luck

Hi Sue, I did end up getting the book from yarnatwebsters website.