I just went to WalMart:teehee: And I found Alpaca on sale for $1.00!!! I bought two skeins. I’ve never had Alpaca before. What should I make with it? And what does everyone do for care of Alpaca knitted items? I only have a few balls and i like to make small things the best. THings like mitts and hats. What do you guys think?

How about a hat? I’m making an alpaca hat now, but I’m not done spinning the yarn yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you have a pattern you are following that you may want to share?

Never mind the pattern, can you stock us in the US up with the $1 alpaca… What brand is it?

Is it that Bernat alpaca blend?

hahah. I wish! They only had two left and I got 'em! They were all hidden under a bunch of bits and pieces of random craft stuff. Im not sure if it’s Bernat or not. Ill check tonight and let you know! So you all think it’s a good thing to make a hat with? And what about the care instructions?

hand wash, dry flat.

I nearly had a fall off my chair about alpaca for $1.00.
I am an addict for baby grande alpaca and could swim in it
I would fill a bathtub of it and sleep in it forever. What is in your blend if you dont mind me asking and how much alpaca in it?

Seems extremely cheap to me. I’d love to find some real alpaca for that sort of price.

I forgot to look again! Sorry guys, ill check it and write in about it this weekend.XOXOXO