Alpaca yarn

Where do you get it? I want to get some but have no idea where to start. I have a Joann’s, a.c. moore, and michaels in my area.

I’ve bought it online at I’ve used Elegance and I have some 100% alpaca that they sell still sitting in packaging. It’s soft :slight_smile:

Michaels has a (Patons?) alpaca blend or two that I know of. I think it’s called Rumor or Rumors. It is mostly acrylic but it does have alpaca.

[FONT=Book Antiqua][SIZE=4]I get mine at my LYS. I have seen some at JoAnne and [/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Book Antiqua][SIZE=4]Michaels.[/SIZE][/FONT]

Hi Kym -

I don’t have a lot to choose from in yarn offerings around here, but I did purchase some Peru DK Luxury from A.C. Moore. It is a wool/silk/alpaca blend, and is nice and soft. So far, I’ve only made a pair of baby booties with it, but it knitted up beautifully. I’m not sure of the selection of colors, or if they still carry it. I’ve had it for several months. I tried to find a link for you, but couldn’t.

Good luck with your search for alpaca yarn!

I’m currently knitting DH a sweater using Bernat Alpaca - it’s a blend. I think I purchased it at Michaels. I can’t testify to the quality of this yarn as I never worked with alpaca prior to this. I can tell you that it’s REALLY soft, not one bit itchy, BUT…it’s shedding like crazy. I made the mistake of wearing a black t-shirt yesterday while working on the sweater and that black top is covered in 2" long hairs. I don’t know if that’s the nature of alpaca and once it’s washed it will “de-shed” or just this yarn. This yarn is a loose twist bulky and is really easy to knit up. And DH is loving how it is looking so I guess I’ll just not wear black until it’s finished. Oh - I do know that I got it on sale for less than $3/skein.

Huh, I’m knitting a hat using that same yarn, and it is in fact itchy! I’m highly disappointed. I’m also hoping that it’ll change, or that I can line it with some felt. It does shed like the dickens, and it does look really nice. I got mine on sale for $4 a skein.

Really high quality alpaca comes with a high price. About $5 an ounce. I get a lot of it from people around me who have alpacas… in fact I bought some at a local restaurant the other day where a lady had left several skeins in a basket for sale. It’s gorgeous, so soft. And you know it’s reputation for being 3 times as warm as wool?

Blends are ok I suppose but sometime when you can, get the best and just feel how great it is. I could give you this lady’s address if you want to buy a couple skeins through the mail. I paid $22? approx (each) for 2 skeins and I can’t wait to knit with it. I also made a SKIRT (can you imagine) out of it and a sweater (yet to be seamed up). That was Peruvian baby alpaca, $28 a skein but I forgot the brand.

It’s just great to knit with and I’m sure it’ll be wonderful to wear.

Mellie - really? Yours is itchy? I swear, mine isn’t at all. I’m using the color “wheat”. Which color are you using? I’m just thinking maybe different color dyes might be making a difference. I’ve run across that in different yarns before.

I bought my alpaca at a local knitter’s fair. There were lots of alpaca farmers there selling their beautiful alpaca. I bought 1 skein for $20, but it’s totally worth it. It is incredibly soft and wonderful to knit with. I don’t find it too bad for shedding (maybe because it’s not a blend?), but it’s VERY slippery on metal needles. I had to restart 3 times before I gave up and now I’m waiting to buy some wooden needles. The farm I bought it from had the names of each of the alpacas that the wool came from, such a cute idea! I’m sure if you look online you can find a source close to you, they seem to be fairly common!

kym - can you order online? If you can, DO! I’ve used some of the alpaca and alpaca blends from knitpicks, which were nice, and I’ve picked up some frog tree alpaca which is nice and soft. BUT the alpaca of all alpacas, IMHO, was misti alpaca baby alpaca. so soft, I mean, so incredibly soft! I saw, and petted, and petted, it at a lys, and I think it was around $14 for over 100 yards bulky. Would make an irrestible scarf!

Many times I prefer a blend so it doesn’t grow as much (alpaca tends to grow a lot for me)

Misti alpaca baby alpaca is very nice. I also like working with Knitpicks Andean Treasure; it’s very soft. If you want a real treat, try Blue Sky Alpaca and Silk. lets you sort by the yarn type. Also try There you can search by yarn type too. I think might as well.

I ended up getting it here

I don’t have it in hand yet. I’ll let you all know what happens.