Alpaca wool weight

Hi there - I am planning to knit an aran sweater for my boyfriend and will be ordering the yarn online - a lovely aran weight baby alpaca. Obviously this is not cheap so I want to make sure I get the right amount. The company does a 1kg cone - surely this will be enough for an average size sweater? I don’t have a similar style jumper I can weigh!

Just wondered what people thought, and if anyone had embarked on a similar project?

Thank you!!

It doesn’t say how many yards? :thinking:

I looked up some worsted weight alpaca and that particular one had 110 yards per 50 g if that’s any help.

Hmmmm - thank you - I am actually waiting for my pattern to arrive so I’ll check. Is it a safe bet that aran weight yarns are pretty similar? I want to buy in bulk to reduce the cost, but obviously that makes it tricky to do a swatch. Do you think it will be ok to just experiment with needle size to achieve the right guage?

I think aran weights are all close in thickness. You can absolutely experiment with needle size–if you for some reason don’t like the look or feel of the fabric on different size needles, you can make a different size.

If a pattern calls for aran weight, I’d feel comfortable ordering aran weight yarn and taking it from there.