Alpaca Wool (fleeces)


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My name is Melissa and I am a new member of KnittingHelp. I thought I’d this site because I am across a forum on which wool is warmer Yak, Merino or Alpaca. I recently opened a new organization called Arms of Andes that develops mid layers, base layers, and more from only Royal Alpaca in Peru. I wanted to get feedback from what people thought about Alpaca wool, the benefits and cons. Also, if anyone knows any technical data or studies comparing Alpaca wool or other wools with each other, that would be very helpful.



I don’t really have an opinion as I don’t use alpaca (itchy), but wanted to tell you I moved your thread here where it’ll get more attention.


Oh thank you!! That is very helpful of you :slight_smile:


I thought it was itchy too. It might need a lining. But it’s interesting to work with. It has fibers that stick out similar to wool. I finished a pair of legwarmers for my granddaughter using Lion brand Touch of Alpaca, 90% acrylic 10% alpaca. I would buy it again but I think I think I prefer Merino wool. That’s mainly for the softness and the water resistant qualities, which I’ve read alpaca doesn’t have. Wool stays warm even when wet. We have different winter clothing needs here though. Wisconsin gets a lot of snow where you have to when stay dry and warm while shoveling. Plus temps can dip to -30 with wind chills for a month at a time.


Sorry for responding so late. That is interesting you say this because Alpaca is naturally hypo-allergenic (what makes you itchy) unlike merino wool. But it could be because you used baby alpaca which is around 20 microns and so its not as soft as Royal Alpaca which 18.5. Finer microns cause less itchiness.
Oh and just to clarify Alpaca is water-resistant. It does not absorb water unlike merino wool which absorbs about 30% of its weight.

What type of winter clothes do you need there?

I appreciate the input btw


I used both sweaters wool, merino(bought on and alpaca(bought on and my conclusion is that alpaca is warmer than merino; is good wear alpaca sweater to really cold temperatures because if the cold is little you will began to sweat. The advantage of merino sweater is their lightweight.


Hi Yoshiloli, the merino wool sweater you purchased was it a base layer or a normal sweater? Also where did you hear of