Alpaca VS Wool

Is it likely that someone who is sensative to wool would be bothered by alpaca also, or is alpaca totally different :??

I definitley don’t think alpaca is at all scratchy and I am sensitive to wool. I’m also tricking my mom at christmas time by making myself a scarf using Misti Alpaca. :heart: TOO DIE FOR!!! :heart: It is so soft, and if she likes it and doesn’t know it’s wool then I’m going to say - Ha!! Tricked you it is wool. And then I’ll let her have it to keep… :aww:

I’m evil, I know. But she once told me she thought it was all in her head. And now I’m putting on my detective hat and will figure it out. :teehee: :teehee:

From Alpaca Direct:

Sheep’s wool has a different physical make-up than that of alpaca fiber. The outside of each strand of wool has tiny, microscopic scales along the length of the strand. When garments made with wool are worn next to the skin, these scales catch the surface of the skin and cause some wool to feel prickly. Strands of alpaca fiber are smooth and therefore feel less prickly or itchy next to the skin. Alpaca too, is lanolin free (lanolin holds dust and microscopic allergens that create allergies to wool), which allows for the hypoallergenic nature of the fiber. Each individual strand of fiber is hollow. This gives alpaca a tremendous thermal capacity that allows for a breathable fiber with an insulating nature. Alpaca insulates from cool and warm temperatures.

(the whole FAQ is interesting, that’s just a highlight.) :slight_smile:

I’ve read, too, that alpaca is supposed to be hypo-allergenic. It has a much slicker feel than wool.

wow!! I learned something new today…wool is prickly on the outside… who knew?
I love the website…
thanks :notworthy: :notworthy:

Thanks for the info! Now I feel that I must make the Ivy sweater (I think that is the name – the wrap sweater) on Knitty :happydance: The recommended yarn is an alpaca/tencel blend.

I can’t wear wool or angora except for the better merinos.

I can wear baby alpaca with no problem at all. I haven’t tried other alpaca. I do know some people find some alpaca, especially when it’s not baby alpaca, to feel a little scratchy when they put it around their necks while others don’t have any problems. So if I were knitting for someone who tends to be sensitive I would stick with baby alpaca.

Mama Bear

So, if alpaca doesn’t have those little scales, then how does it felt??

Also, I know that some people find alpaca to be itchy. My theory is that the alpaca hairs are stiffer and so they can be pokier. Anyone agree/disagree?

Great FAQ, I’m gonna go read the whole thing.

So, if alpaca doesn’t have those little scales, how does it felt?

Also, I know that some people find alpaca itchy. My theory is that the alpaca hairs seem to be stiff sometimes, they don’t bend as easily (just from catching stray hairs from the yarn). Anyone agree/disagree with that?

I’m gonna go read that whole FAQ, how interesting!