Alpaca show

Hi, there is an Alpaca show near my home this weekend (today is the last day) and I was wondering if any of you know if they generally sell yarn at those type of shows or is just about getting to know the animals? If there is yarn for sale, I might like to check it out :smiley:

I live in south-eastern Michigan.



Most people who raise alpacas also spin. I’d be amazed if there wasn’t yarn available.

The show itself might have a web site. :thinking:

Thanks! I might just head over there then! It is only a couple miles from my house so no big effort is really needed on my part. Thanks for you input!


i live in southeastern michigan too! Where is this fair?

It is (was) in Davisburg at the Springfield Oaks/4-H fairgrounds…
I think is ended at 5pm or 6pm today (Sunday).

I live in Clarkston. Where are you?


I live in Clinton Twp, right by St. Clair Shores.

I googled for it and read about the show at the Pebble Brook Farm website. It makes me really want to own Alpacas someday! Did you end up going? I was tempted to go, but I didn’t want to head down there myself. Unfortunately, I have no friends who are fiber freaks like me! :rofling: