Alpaca from ebay?

Hi everybody!

I have a question for you: I bought some alpaca on ebay (the company is called lavish fibres–the price was great or so I thought) When I started my poncho i couldnt get the guage right and weighed the yarn --the 1 3/4 oz ball weighed less than 1/2 of what it should. Have I been ripped off, or have I misunderstood the weight declaration?

I would go back and double check what the listing said and then I would e-mail the company/person with your questions. It is possible it may just have been a mistake in the shipping or posting. I always like to try and give the benefit of the doubt before going right to “I’ve been ripped off” although, sometimes unfortunately, that is the case. Hopefully it you will find out it was just an innocent mistake.


I haven’t heard of Lavish Fibres before. But I have bought Alpaca on there before. I always buy from the same people over and over.

If it’s Alpaca you want. Try Akryn. She has Misti Alpaca. Very Soft.