Alpaca and silk

I found a scarf that I would love to knit but I don’t want to order the yarn online-- I want that yarn now :slight_smile: ! Does anyone know of yarns with this mix (70% alpaca 30% silk) that are fairly easy to pick up at maybe Michaels, Joanns, AC Moore? We even have LYS but I am not sure what names to look for.
Any help would be great! Thanks so much for reading!

Your general craft-store type place usually won’t carry a blend like alpaca and silk. You’ll sometimes find a wool/silk blend, or acrylic/alpaca, but I’ve never seen alpaca/silk at Joann or Michael’s. What scarf pattern is it? Do they recommend a specific yarn? It’s hard to know what to recommend as a substitute without knowing the weight, etc.

oops sorry-- its the Endless Loop Scarf from Knit Picks
Sorry I am still such a newbie!

You could use Patons Merino wool, which is similar to the Knitpicks Merino Style that they suggest. Your craft store should carry that or something similar. I too don’t think you’re going to find an alpaca/silk blend.

It seems like wool would be better because alpaca stretches, and that scarf looks like it could stretch with that loop thing, and be down to your knees by the end of the day (which is why I wouldn’t do 100% alpaca)

[B]Do you have a Lambikins? They carry lots os Alpaca and Silk both. but I don;'t know about that blend.[/B]


Look Here !

80 % Alpaca

20 % Silk

It’s Alpaca and Silk. [/B]

I used KP Andean Silk to make my dd a scarf and we didn’t have problems with stretching. Actually it was lush-ious. And KP’s price was right too. Otherwise, if you want that kind of a blend and not wait for the postman, you’re going to have to find a lys. Lionbrand is coming out with more “high-end” yarns with natural fibers included, but I haven’t seen them at my local Joann’s.