Alot of yarn and quilt squares

well i got more yarn some from a coworker
ALOT OF old yarn (really old like its 25cents a roll old)
and also
alot of yarn knitted sqaures (il post pics if u need some)
what should i do with em
how could i make them into a quilt???
I got a USM would that help

wanna see all the yarn i got from coworker?

Sure post a pic!

If the squares are all the same size you could crochet or sew them together. If they are different you could crochet or knit a border on the smaller ones to make them the same size.

il post pics soon


Wow, you got a lot of stuff! The squares might be close to the same size if you block them then they’ll be easier to sew together. :thumbsup:

what about all the yarn

theres still more yarn i didnt go through

That’s a lot of yarn and squares. Cool! You could also do them kinda like a crazy quilt (all different sizes and shapes of fabric sewn together:

Do you have a place you can lay out your squares and see what they look like “fitted” together? That might give you an idea of what sizes and shapes you still need (to fill gaps), and it will also tell you what the final size of your creation will be–and what “shape” you can make, too (rectangle? square?).

Multicolor striped hats, scarves or blankets to name a few. I use leftover yarns to make hats and stuff for charity myself. I just make them up as I go. Of course if there’s enough of what you personally like you could make a sweater for yourself, too.

Here’s a few cool blankets. These are garter stitch so if you hate that then you might have to find another. Lol

I Will lay them out on a floor and take a pic sometime later I need 2 find a table big enough (i will also take pics of the last box which is ALOT of squares as well but also alot of cool differnnt colors and pattersn i love

so its not gonna all be grey and purple its going to have colors which will probally make it ugly.

im more worried about the squares cause i cant figure how to knit them together unlss i use a crotchet hook loop them together and just knit and back and forth down the squares.

Crocheting them together would be fine and easier than knitting. As long as you’re consistent with your method they’ll look great.

il take pictures of it all kinda put together some time 2nite i just have 2 find a table n stuff

(i will do ALL THE PIECES) this time

I have used old yarn like that to knit lap blankets for nursing home residents out of it. You can mix & match all different colors in the same blanket. As long as you use acrylic yarn to make it easier to wash/dry, the ones I’ve made have been well received.

The ones I knit usually end up being 36" long and 25" wide.


2 many squares and not enough time 2 take photos il try again soon…

as far as the yarn and stuff goes

i think its wool or something idk what kind of yarn if it is yarn

Of the ones I could see it looks like there’s a lot of acrylic, but it’s hard to tell. When you get to organizing I suggest one of the first things you do is sort by fiber as much as you can. Put them in bags or containers and label them inside and out. That will be important when you go to knit stuff.

I am going to get those big tupaware sliding containers that people would use for putting clothes in

ima get shelves of that for the yarn
(like this kinda but with it able 2 be pulled out and have something covering them)

or like this

I have a small one of the drawer things, too. Those are great and the bigger size would help a lot with organizing!

i think ima sort by color though since most this yarn doesnt have lables and stuff (btw of all the yarn) u no which 1 is my fav and my fav color