Almost one finished FO of a pair of slippers

Thanks to all the people on this forum I was able to figure out how to do these slippers and a few alternations to the pattern and I’m liking how they turned out. Here is one of the slippers, no eyes, nose, or whiskers yet. I’m thinking of adding a puffy bunny tail on the back. My son is in love with it and when he wears it he’ll jump around like a rabbit and says, “Hop, hop, hop.” :woot:


Oh my goodness… bunny slippers for a baby! Soooo cute! :yay:

Absolutely adorabale! I think my daughter needs some of those now!!!

Their actually for my 2 yr old son. :happydance: I increased the needle size and instead of one strand of yard I did two. It calls for a strap but the person who posted a pic that I found on the net of them (which linked to the orginial pattern) did the ribbing and I perfered that over the strap idea. They are big, but rather big than small especially at this age when they grow like weeds.

I tried to add the ribbing after it being all sewn together with circular needles than tried dpn’s but it was more fustrating then anything. So undid all the seams and added the ribbing with straight needles. The rabbit ears are pointer than orginial too, I liked them better. After sewing them all together the ears would flop down over the soon-to-be face. So I tacked them with yarn onto the ribbing and waaalaaa there you are. :yay:

Here is the link if anyone is interested

Now I’m looking into altering it even more for adult sizes, since my mom would like a pair. Any ideas would be great!

OH yeah now he wants a floppy rabbit hat, mmm… thinking for a quick one to use my loom and just knit the ears and attach.

Those are so adorable! I would definately want one in a larger size for myself, it’s exactly in the style I like my bedroom slippers.

Very Nice. My niece would love those.

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AWWWW! Too cute!

OMG, way too cute!!

Love it!!! So cute!

Too stinkin’ cute!!! Love it!

THanks Wanada, :slight_smile: there is a link some where on here with the finished slippers.