Almost FO: wine cozy

My first wine cozy is nearly done! I just have to do a couple rows of crochet around the top edge and make a cord to tie it closed. I’m pretty happy with it!

Very nice! And such lovely winey colors, too!

Very nice makes great Christmas gift!

Ooo pretty!! Nice work!

Very nice Laura!:happydance:

Does the pattern have a link to it? I’d love to see what crochet sts are used at the top… Being new to using crochet on knit fabrics, my first thought was that crochet makes for a tighter less stretchy edging so I’d love to see how that works!

What a nice looking wine cozy! Very handsome and appropriate for the contents!

I also immediately thought about great colour choice. Can I ask a practical question - does it provide insulation and keeps the wine temperature low or it’s just for decorative purposes?

Oh, very nicely done. You are learning things so quickly!

Thanks, everyone!

@justplaincharlotte, the pattern can be found here. I think the crochet edging is really just for decoration because it’s only 2 rows of crochet and it adds sort of a scalloped edge. It’s relatively simple. I just learned to crochet not too long ago and I had no trouble with it.

@Olha, I have no idea actually. The girl who wrote the pattern says it’s “a decorative way to keep your wine at its optimum temperature at the dinner table.” So I’m assuming it keeps it somewhat insulated.