(almost) FO - The Cotton Classic Jumper

I actually hesitated to show this because the picture’s not the best, but those of you who so kindly stop by my blog know that I’ve been working on this jumper for my 3 yr old, so here it is (minus the crochet picot edging and the requisite shirt underneath, she was just too anxious to wait to put it on :smiley: )

Absolutely beautiful!

And the dress is pretty too!

It’s beautiful and so is your daughter!

Perfectly adorable! :inlove: Your daughter looks pleased! :smiley:

Excellent work! That color is perfect for your daughter’s complexion and eyes. She just glows!

OMG! That is so precious! :inlove: And your daughter is beautiful. Great job! :thumbsup:

very pretty your daughter is pretty too she looks almost as tall as my 7 year old!

Very very pretty… nothing wrong with that picture at all!
That’s a beautiful dress on a beautiful little girl! :thumbsup:

Beautiful, beautiful dress and DARLING daughter :heart:


I’m not sure which is prettiest, the dress, or the model in it. Wonderful! :smiley:

You guys really do my :heart: GOOD.

My DD and I thank you VERY much for the wonderful compliments. I’m sure most of you know this already, but there is an extra special warm fuzzy that comes with seeing something you made on someone you love.

Your encouragement has helped alot, and I love seeing your WIPs and FO’s too! :smiley:

I just read your blog, and saw the pictures at the bottom of your two girls. They are absolutely ADORABLE! :smiley:

Oh what a beautiful dress and little girl its true I am not sure who is sweeter but one thing is for sure I wish i had your knitting abillity.
excellent xxxx

Beautiful! She looks so adorable in it.

:heart: :heart: :heart:

That suits her to a T. Great work!


:heart: the jumper. So pretty! :thumbsup: Would love to do one for GRD. Does the pattern go up to size 8 or 10? Where can I get the pattern?

Funny story about the pattern - I got it free from a great yarn store in the north suburbs of Chicago, but it was only 1 page and seemed to leave some critical instructions out for a beginner. After much :doh: and :frog: I had to re-write it (it’s now 4 pages because I typed it out row by row). After having done this, I highly recommend knitting it in the round up to the armholes since front and back are knit the same.

The pattern gives instructions for size 3, 5, and 7. To make it for an 8 year old, you would likely just have to extend the length a little and use the guage to determine how many stitches to add for making the bodice a bit wider if needed.

For anyone that wants my “extended” version of the pattern, PM me your contact email address and I’ll be happy to email you a .pdf file of it for now until I can figure how to post it more publicly.

FYI - the yarn I used is what was called for in the pattern - Tahki Cotton Classic in Lilac #3928. It took me 4 skeins.

that is beautiful!!!

what a pretty little girl too~! :smiley: