Almost FO: French Press Felted Slippers

THIS pattern was so cute I could not resist. Check out the link for the finished slippers. They are adorable.

These were very wet on my feet when I took this shot. There is a little strap across the top… hopefully I will have new finished shot in a day or two. With the strap and button, these will be stylin’ for sure!

Those are adorable – I’m loving the color!

So cute! Love the color you chose, and the size is perfect.

OMGoodness!! I love these so much I just bought the pattern!! :slight_smile: I can’t wait to try these! Thanks for sharing the link!

Those are so so cute!

Those are just ADORABLE!!! I saved the pattern in my Ravelry cart

SO cute! I may have to spring for that pattern!!

Very very sweet. I want to make these…hate to order any more patterns online though. Is it easy to download the pattern once you pay?

Yes - I bought it through Ravelry, paid with Paypal and downloaded it immediately. Well worth the $7.00

Here they are finished

me too!! Can’t wait to make a pair (or dozen! LOL) of these!

I saw this on ravelry a few weeks ago and thought it was so cute. I thought about making a pair or three for gifts. I’ve never made anything felted before so I have some questions

1: what kind of yarn can you use for felting? It is only 100% wool?
2: was the pattern especially difficult?
3: Is the felting process difficult.

Yours turned out so nicely! Great job!

Oh, I’m gonna be makin’ some of these little HAPPY FEET!
Great work! And thanks for the link!


A friend of mine made these awhile ago and she commented that all the seaming was a pain. I hate seaming!!! So, I bought the Fiber Trends felted ballet slipper pattern that is knit seamlessly and made a flap to go across the toe.

Love the color you chose, too!

OMG!!! They turned out so cute!!! Very French indeed :inlove: I immediately added them to my queue on Ravelry.

Thanks so much. I used Paton’s Classic Merino (100% wool)
1: I don’t know what else felts…
2: The pattern is very easy.
3: Felting - easy peasy! The washing machine does the work. Just check from time to time so they don’t get too small.

Thanks! The seaming is minimal. I have to look at the FT pattern - I LOVE FT!

Those are very cute finished! I think some of my loved ones would probably love to have some of those.

I love your ruby slippers (Dorothy would be envious). I added to my favs, too.:heart: :heart: :heart:

So, did you modify the pattern at all to get the top “larger”? Yours look like they cover your toes more than mine… Does that make sense? Like, there’s not as much space from the front of the slipper to where the top of the slipper ends on mine… Or did you just stretch them out after felting? Or maybe I didn’t seam mine right?

Sorry for all the questions! I’ve just noticed that everyones slipper looks different, and I’m wondering what’s doing it.

Yours look GREAT!