Almost FO- Blue shawl with LB Homespun

I don’t know how well it wears, but I love the feel of LB Homespun.
I’m making a shawl for a friend who asked for lots of blue, so here it is:

(There’s a cord in the last row because I’m waiting for my friend to ok it before finishing.) I’m very happy with the color transitions, though I had a hard time hiding some of the extra ends. Also my tension is a little irregular, though washing should help that.
On the whole, I think I prefer crocheting this yarn rather than knitting, as I had to stop every few stitches to check for looseness, and it got very tedious. But when it was draped across my lap, it was almost as warm as cozy as a sleeping cat. ^.^

It is lovely, but I always found homespun to be difficult to work with. It tends to split. I do love this and the color is wonderful!:muah:

I don’t care for LB homespun either, but that is coming out beautiful! I bet it is soft!

Beautiful. I think the problems you say you had are part and parcel with the yarn. Consider it part of the overall effect of using HomeSpun yarn, part of the shawl’s character. You done good! :thumbsup:

Oh, really lovely. These blues are perfect and the transitions look great. Beautiful lacy look. Well done!

Beautiful! The color changes worked out perfectly, and, yes, LB Homespun is very warm. Just be sure to follow the directions for washing it. I hear it can fall apart or look pretty tatty if done over zealously.

I have a few homespun things–ponchos mostly and I don’t wash them very often, so they continue to look fine.

I bet you’ll have one happy friend!!

The colour is absolutely stunning! I am sure that your friend is going to love it.

Yes, My friend did like the color, but it’s a good thing I didn’t finish it off, she wants it a couple inches longer. Back to the knitting table!

Of course, it’s even odds whether I have enough of the light blue left for that extension, where’s my tape measure…

Looks soooo luscious! Great work!

I love this blue shawl. It’s beautiful. I use LB Homespun quite often. I find I work it best on my cheapest acrylic needles; metal too slippery to keep the right tension for me and wood is way to sticky for it.