Almost FO: a hat, mittens, and half a scarf :)

My destashing efforts plus cooler weather resulted in this set for my daughter. The pattern for a hat is a free Baby Berry Hat. If the mittens look strange on the edges it is because they are :slight_smile: I experimented with increases a bit but I will make a few more pairs with better yarn trying to a)follow the pattern which calls for yo increases (holes?) b)using yet a different increase. The scarf is simple double knitting that matches the texture of both hat and mittens. It’s boring to finish it and I just got a whole big bag of wool to start something more exciting so I will finish this scarf later.

Oh, and the colour is completely wrong :slight_smile: It’s actually nice light lilac with some strange fluorescent quality to it. But every time I make a picture it comes out differently in either blue or purple shades :slight_smile:

Those are beautiful!! Much prettier than the hats I’m making for destashing. :teehee:

What a lovely set! I love the color on mittens and scarf and the combination on the hat is perfect.

Very cute and love the color!

very cute blue complete! Specially I like the mittens.:muah:

Very nice. My favorite are the mittens too. I haven’t seen a pair with that central slip stitch and the stitches going off at an angle like that.

It’s an old pattern… my mom made mittens like that for me (and occasionally for herself). They are very easy and fun to make.

Ooooo such great designs! Perfect color for them, too! Well done, Olha!