Almost finished ds case

Hi there, anyone following the random copyright thread in the knitting forum will probably know about this, but I thought I’d post some pics. It was originally inspired by the byte scarf on knitty, but I made up my own pattern for it. I’ve finished the knitting part of it, and wanted to show you it flat before I turn it into a case. It’s a first anniversary present for my bloke (thankfully he got a ds cause it worked out too big for an ipod case ;-)). It says ‘I love you’ in binary code (I know, I know, don’t hurt me ;-)).

Here’s it in progress :

Here’s it kind of flat and finished (without weaving in ends) :
And here’s the floats on the back, which I’m very proud of cause this was my first stranding attempt :wink: :

Will post a pic once it’s sewn up, thanks for looking :slight_smile:
Fi xxx

It looks great!

Looks great!

aw, that’s so cute how it says ‘i love you’. i definately recognized it as a knitty thing too! good job it looks amazing!

Coolios! BTW: Kels Joy: Love the avatar!

That’s a cute idea to write the message in binary code. People won’t know what it says, so they’ll have to ask, and that gives him the chance to tell them what it means and that you made it for him. :muah: I’m glad we don’t have to learn to write in binary code, looks tough. :slight_smile:

You did a nice job, your “backside” looks nice too. What is a “ds”? I need to learn these things. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys :slight_smile: A ds is the new generation of Nintendo Gameboys, they’re fantastic - one of the best investments I ever made :wink: His brother finally bought him one cause he’d been going on about how crap they were and how he wasn’t going to waste his money on it, but stealing mine all the time :teehee: He hasn’t been off it since…

i think it looks great! how sweet of you to write " i love you" in binary
(btw, where did you get binary code for words?)

It’s not in words…each one of those lines presents a letter…well…it represents a number that represents a letter =D

EDIT: sorry…had to edit it cuz when i read it it seemed like i’m being a smartass…def didn’t mean it =)

so to answer ur question:

oh btw…it looks AWESOME! really does… so sweet of u too

I used - it’s a great converter, you just put in one side what you want to translate, if you want spaces or not, and click encode :slight_smile:

And, if you happen to have a binary message from someone else, you can type that into the other side and click decode :wink:

Fi xxx

jeanius80…here is the binary code for letters of the alphabet:

This is also useful for punctuation and symbols:

That’s a great resource Willowangel! I would add that punctuation site to your repertoire.

Fabulous work! :cheering: