Almost done my first sweater!

Except now I feel a little stuck… I’m working on Dorreen from Berroco, all has been fine and dandy until

Mark beg and end of last row for beg of sleeve cap. Work even until sleeve measures 1 3/4” above markers, end on WS. Bind off all sts.[FONT=Arial Narrow][/FONT]
Uhhh… sleeve cap? Do I need to do anything special for this? Also, is there any way I can tell before I put the whole thing together if the sleeves will be too short?

And… any tips for the whole seaming thing would be completely awesome, it kind of scares me… I’m thinking next time, I might just have to knit in the round, as I find I rather like the idea of no-seaming, or as little as possible…

You are just suppose to mark that one row at the beginning and end. You can use a scrap of yarn or maybe a safety pin to do that. The markers are put there to use when you put the sweater together. Down in the next to last row of the finishing directions it says,

Sew side edges of sleeves above markers to bound-off sts of armholes.
The markers you placed are where you do that.

On the seams… here is a site that is actually an on-line book about knitting. This is alink to the table of contents. There are several chapters about seaming and they are helpful, and have a lot of pictures. Look at chapters 17-21.

You may be able to pin, baste, or fasten the sweater together in some way before you put it together permanently to see how it fits.

So, to make sure I understand correctly, I don’t have to do anything special, other than mark where it tells me to? That is way simpler than I thought! (Honestly, I was thinking there was some special thing for a sleeve cap that I didn’t know about…)
I’ve taken a quick look at the on-line book, it looks super awesome and detailed! Tomorrow I will go through it more in-depth and start piecing together this sweater. Thank you!

Thank you for the url to the online tutorial. I’ve saved it for later hair pulling episodes.:hair:

Congrats! Your FIRST sweater!! I haven’t tried anything harder than sox, which i am still in love with. :inlove: :roflhard: Hope it all goes well. Post pix of the FO! :yay:

cds11, Yes, that’s all there is to it. Lots of times things are simpler than we feared. :slight_smile: Good luck and glad I could help.