Almost Arleen Pullover

Somehow I’ve gotten myself into a sleeve quagmire. I’ve had three projects going at once, and now all three are in the sleeve phase. Well, they were until I finished this pullover (and now I’m only bogged down with two). It’s billed as “a quick knit” and “simple” but took me over a year to complete. I’m sure it couldn’t possibly be because I changed the pattern (eh?)! Well, that and I have too many projects going at once!

Anywhoo, the color is actually Currant from Knitpicks, but it washed out in the pic:

The top is based on this pattern:

And the leaf lace is from this hat:

I didn’t include the waist shaping, but it doesn’t seem to need it. Also, it’s supposed to only have 5 buttons, but in addition to being physically unable to follow a pattern, yours truly can’t count either!

I’d say you pulled yourself out of the quagmire just fine! And I imagine Arlene won’t care about the extra button either.

I have a sweater that’s been on the needles for almost a year too. I’ve found that if I give myself something to avoid, all KINDS of other stuff gets done!

Yes, but that would mean A) doing housework–ugh or B) starting a new knitting project (and I already have enough of that going on), so slogging through sleeves it is! (Like that pig on the Progressive commercial says: Wee Wee WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Wee Wee WEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!)

Beautiful! Absolutely the best Frankenknit I remember seeing! If you couldn’t pick and choose from patterns and throw in some of your own creativity, knitting would be much less interesting and entertaining. Aren’t you glad you did the sleeves? Just think what the next finished set of sleeves will produce.
Housework[/I] should be added to the list of words not allowed here, it is such a pain in the ***.

GG: Thanks for your kind comments. Yeah, I’m glad I added the leaf lace to the sleeves. It seems to tie everything together well–and that’s a good thing when you’re mixing two patterns together.

I’m kinda surprised, though, that the only variation of this pullover on Ravelry is with longer sleeves. It’s such a simple top-down raglan that it screams, “Do something interesting with me!” I like the plain version, too, and may have to make one of those as well.

Thanks for looking!

The leaf lace is a happy addition to the top. It seems perfect with the short sleeves (and 6 buttons). I can see where it would be fun to try other variations too. Beautiful work here.

Very cute and I really like the pattern. What’s an extra button or two? :0) I have three projects going also, but not three sweaters, a sleeveless sweater for vacation, a pair of socks, and a scarf. I am working on the sweater at the moment. Congrats on the good outcome, it looks great!

That’s so cute!

Oooh, it’s gorgeous!!!

I’m like you, too many WIPs right now. Two sweaters, but evil grin they are baby sweaters, so much faster! :wink:

It’s very pretty! Love the design!!!

I like it! I really, really like it! Color is terrific and so is the style!

Very, very pretty sweater!!

Love the sweater – and your mods. I have a question: Does the sweater have to have the buttons? In other words, is the neckline big enough to get it over your head without the opening? Thanks for your answer.

Thank you, Betty, for your kind comments. It was a fun knit, to be sure! And one I will probably attempt again someday.

I just went and tried it on again (cause I completely forgot whether I unbuttoned it or not the other day), and [I]I[/I] don’t need to unbutton it to pull it over my head. Of course, I used a cotton blend yarn, which is very stretchy, too, so that helps. However, I will also say that my neckline is large enough to fit over my head without much ([U]if any[/U]) of a stretch.

If you look at the pattern, you will see that it has you working back and forth in rows to allow for the button flap. Obviously, you could just make this completely in the round as a regular ol’ top down raglan and then sew the buttons on for sheer decoration (or for sheer torture, depending on how you feel about sewing–with me, it’s the latter).

I hope that helps. Will you be making one? Would love to see your rendition!

I have some bamboo-blend yarn that is quite stretchy that I want to use for a short-sleeved sweater (for me, not one of the DGC’s). That pattern seems perfect, and I would add a lace border, too.

Ohhhhh-hhhhh! A bamboo-blend sounds perfect, and stretchy yarns work really well in this pattern–so much so that you may not even need the waist shaping.

but what does DGC mean? :??

I have six Dear GrandChildren, ages 9, 7, 7, 5, 5, and 2. They love the sweaters, lovies, afghans, hats, scarfs, and mittens that I am usually knitting for them.

Thanks, I couldn’t quite place DGC. I think GK. Love my DGCs (12 and 14) and they like getting the things I make but I’m making something for me now too.

it is so very nice!