Allysa Halter

:smiley: I’ve finished another installment in my Knitting World Cup “Summer Ensemble” for my granddaughter, Allysa. I had been working on the Short Snort tank for her, but ran out of yarn after attaching the ring, the additional yarn is on the way!
So, I began another after seeing Katja on Knitty…well, it’s too small for Allysa, so I altered it quite a bit; I used the cup patterns, but altered the rest. The alteration directions can be found on my blog.

Oh, I used 1 skein of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece and size 7 addis.
Here we have…the Allysa Halter

That looks great! You are just cruising on your World Cup projects!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

This is a fabulous halter! Love the bright color! :thumbsup:


You finished fast! That chef knitterie…I may need to borrow him!

It looks fanstastic!

Beautiful! :cheering:

I love that! How old is your gd?

I’m kidnapping Chef and getting him to help me! You are FLYING along, another gorgeous part of the KWC ensemble =D

Wow, its gorgeous!! You are one fast knitter!!!

Beautiful as usual, Becka!!! :thumbsup:

:smiley: Thanks, everyone! This one was very fun to knit/design…it sure is nice to knit for toddlets…very fast :thumbsup:
Jan, she will be 3 in July…very, very tall, though, already in 4T, can u believe?! She takes after Lonnie…alot :wink: !!

Looks absolutely perfect! I love the color a lot. :happydance:

Stunning!!! Have your Denises melted yet with your knitting speed? Or are the Addi’s causing sparks? :wink:

OMG, it’s beautiful!! :inlove: Great job!

:smiley: Thanks so much, ya’ll!!!
LOL, you are so funny, Sara!!! I don’t knit that fast, I’m just knitting small things :wink: Oh, and I switched back to addis for some speed :wink:

That is fab-o-rama! Is it a free pattern? Did you make it up?

:smiley: Carmen, I used some of a pattern on knitty and made up the rest, it’s on my blog and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask :smiley:

Gorgeous! Great color too!