Moorehouse Farms Alligator Scarves. I used Pattons Merino for one and Lion Wool for the other one. (I didn’t care for the yarn that came with the pattern) I am knitting pink ones for my Granddaughters … very “Florida” ! I couldn’t resist taking a picture when I put the scarf in the bathtub to get it wet for blocking :slight_smile:
Edit: I used a “tan” color, don’t remember name of Pattons, then dyed it green.

These are terrific! What cute “Aggilators” Very suitable in the water pic, too! LOLOL!

OMG, I LOVE these! :slight_smile: If I ever do something for a child, I am going to keep this project in mind. Thank you so much for sharing!

absolutely adorable!

Thsoe critters are adorable!


I have that pattern but have not got round to making it yet .
Yours look fantastic :slight_smile:

:happydance: too cute!

You know,I didn’t like the way they looked in the ad, but seeing your FO’s, I now want to make one.

I agree - I didn’t like the way they looked in the ad either, but these are so cute and they are definitely better advertisement for the pattern :thumbsup:

Those are too cute!! They will love them!

They are super cute.

I couldn’t resist taking a picture when I put the scarf in the bathtub to get it wet for blocking.
LOL He really looks like he is in his element.

Is this the alligator scarf that we used to see all the time across the top of the page as an advertisement on this site? I always liked the pattern idea, but haven’t seen many of them done.

Pink alligators!! LOL That will be so cute.

BTW I love your alligators.

These are very fun to make aren’t they! I made seven for my seven grandkids last year for Christmas! They love wearing them. I made the first one with the aubergine merino and then the rest I made out of Berroco Comfort - I made yellow, lime, hot pink, magenta, periwinkle and more green. I can’t wait to see the pink Florida gators!

Oh how FUN!!! My daycare boys would love them! Was it hard to make the humps on the alligators back?

Yes, Meri, it is the Morehouse Farms pattern that was at the top of the page.
Jaycee, you are right, they are a fun knit!
The humps are just increases then bind off. It was easy once I figured out how to use stitch markers to keep my place.
Thanks everyone for the compliments.


what a great job! i have the pattern, and am too chicken to try it…


I actually re-typed it in word after the first one … much easier to read and some “notes” and spaces and highlights to help me keep my place … BUT … that said … it is an easy pattern… just be sure to use stitch markers even though it does not have them in the pattern.

I often retype a pattern that I am going to knit more than once, it really helps.

I seem to learn something new with each one … if there are several who have the pattern and want to do a knit a long, I will add my two cents … Jaycee has made several and she probably has some “tips”, too. There are many on Ravelry … there may even be a group there, I should check.

How cute! I may have to make one of these for my son who just moved to Florida! Thanks for posting.

Those are super cute!

Those turned out really cute! I also retype my patterns into Word. Then I don’t have to worry about crushing it, losing it or writing on it. It preserves the origianl pattern and you have a fresh pattern each time you make it. Plus you can make the font and spacing more user friendly.