Alligator Scarf question

Has anyone made one of these scarves? I am a beginner, and wondered what you all might think about a beginner and an alligator scarf?



I am doing the baby one right now. It is a pretty straight forward pattern so I say go for it. you can always come here to ask for help if you need it. Good luck, Tillie

I am doing the adult pattern for the alligator scarf. I agree, it is straight forward and pretty easy to follow. It’s great for a beginner to learn a lot of the basics… binding off, increasing, knit stitch… But not the purl stitch which should make it easier for those who haven’t quite mastered that stitch yet. I would suggest counting your stitches after every other row to make sure you haven’t made a mistake somewhere if you do try it out. Also, I just couldn’t wait to try the pattern because they were so cute, but I would wait until you have a spare $30 lying around. It’s a bit pricey for my tastes.

Happy Knitting!