Alligator Scarf KAL?

Anyone interested in working on the Alligator Scarf from Morehouse Farm? I just got my kit in today!

Saw this kit and have just ordered one today as well as the pattern for the Mittens. But will probably be a couple of weeks before it reaches me here in the UK.

Oooh…it is so much fun! I have already completed the head, starting on the body. I showed it to some friends and they all guessed it was an alligator!

Sounds exciting, please post a picture. love to see the progress you are making.

I got my kit for Valentine’s Day ^^
What color did you get? I got the Lagoon color.
I can’t wait for the day I wear my completed scarf and see someone else wearing theirs and then we can have this comforting, awkward moment of staring and talking. Happy knitting all!

I got one of the new colors, Swamp Croc.

I’m already into the main body, where you do the 10-stitch bind-offs.

Still waiting for my kit to arrive. any progress pictures? would love to see how you are getting on.

You got it! This is as it looks now (2/21/08)

Thats just brilliant. the eyes makes it look very menacing. my nearly 7 year old son will love it. is it as 3D as it looks?

Yes, the eyes are made by binding off a few stitches, then casting on more stitches than you cast off on the next row. They’re actually nothing more than holes but they do look menacing.

As you’re knitting the body of the gator, you are increasing across the row, then you bind off several stitches, knit a few, bind off again, then on the next row you knit even, closing the gap made by the binding off. That forms the “bumps” on the back.

I’m ordering one in Lagoon. I’ve not done a KAL before…how does one do it?

Question - In MoreHouse Farm add - they have a special kind of color scheme/skein for these - if I wanted to do another one, which of their yarns would I order. I didn’t see Croc Yarns under their Knitting Essentials.

Looking forward to it…what colors did everyone get?

I don’t see the gator yarns anywhere but the page where they sell the scarf kits. Evidently you buy the yarn, then the pattern comes with it. You get two skeins of it, plenty enough for the adult scarf.

I’m using the SwampCroc color for mine.

I’m still waiting for mine, I think I would make more than one of these for my kids. I plan for the second scarf to just buy a similar yarn locally.

One yarn that comes to mind is Cascade 220. It comes in a wide variety of colors and is similar in size to the Morehouse Farm yarn.

Got my kit today, not for a bit a time to cast on. I just had to pick up my 12 year old from school because she felt unwell. so may take a couple of days before I get to play. Can’t wait.

[COLOR=blue]Good Morning :)[/COLOR]
[COLOR=blue]I would like to just order the pattern - does anyone know if this is possible? thanks so much![/COLOR]
[COLOR=blue]sebago, me[/COLOR]

As far as I could tell you have to order the kit. I wanted to order the pattern as well as it would have been cheaper to buy the yarn in this country with the post they charge. If you live in the US the postage seemed quite reasonable.

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=blue]Thanks Karina, I was afraid of that. From what I have heard the yarn that comes in the kit is scratchy. I did not really want to buy the whole thing… with shipping for over 30 dollars just for the pattern lol… [/COLOR][/FONT]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=blue]Thanks again :hug: [/COLOR][/FONT]
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Would have to agree the yarn is not nice, very rough.
I wonder if it has to be to hold the 3D shape or could you use any yarn that is the same thickness? If I use the yarn that comes with the kit I definitely would not give it to my son.

I’m hoping the yarn softens up in the wash. Most yarns have sizing on them, so washing it might make the yarn softer. It is merino though and handwashing is recommended.