Alligator Mittens- seaming stockinette to garter

I am working on the alligator mittens from Stitch 'n Bitch Nation and I can’t figure out how I’m supposed to seam the mouth into the rest of the mitten. The mouth is all garter stitch and the rest of the mitten is stockinette. The instructions say to use the mattress stitch, but I only know how to do that for stockinette to stockinette. Can anyone help me??

Thank you!

The beauty of mattress stitch is that it pulls the knitting together in such a way that the knitting meets, rather than the seam being prominent. Pick up the bar on the stockinette side and the purl bump or bar on the garter side and see how it turns out. I doubt that you’ll find specific mattress stitch directions for the two types of surfaces.

I pinned the wrong sides facing and then did more of a loop stitch around the border. It made a good strong edge with no holes. It was probably overkill but when I turned them right side out and they looked great!

Be careful - my son wore his to school and I am now making my 4th set for his friends.

:rofling: :rofling: Wow! Aren’t YOU the cool mom. No sarcasm intended–what a nice thing to do!!

The only complication is that the mouth part was done on Size 5 needles while the rest of the mitten was on Size 7 needles, so there are also more stitches in the mouth than the rest of the mitten. I could probably fudge it though and maybe grab 2 bars on the mouth at times instead of one. Either that or I’ll do what Knitting Pretty did and just do the loop stitch. Thank you all for your help!