All you sock knitting fans

have got to try two socks on two circs. Oh my gosh. I thought one sock on two circs was great…but this!!! Wow. I am glad I got Cat Bordhi’s book cuz it gives you the basics on the sock on two circs…I’m finding that with the 2 on 2, it’s kinda like on DPNs but without all the joins!!

Lovely, lovely, lovely!!! :thumbsup: :XX: :thumbsup: :inlove:


:wink: sorry, kelly…i’m a die hard dpn tandem sock knitter & that’s the way i :heart: it…no convert here!!

I generally do mine on 1 circ. LOVE IT!

those kids are toooo CUTE!!!
i remain…your tandem dpn fan…lol

Ditto to the cute kids. I smile everytime I see that picture! :thumbsup:

what is the name of this book. i tried socks on the dpn and quit before half way thru.

I actually like doing them on wooden dpn’s…but I have severe SSS. What is this tandem that you speak of?

Oh, and thanks on the kiddo’s. :slight_smile: I have to get some new goofy pics of them going. They change so much so quickly. :crying:

I saw a picture of KellyK’s sock on circulars. She is knitting two socks at once. I thought that was pretty amazing. I may have to look into that sometime.



I actually like doing them on wooden dpn’s…but I have severe SSS.

What is SSS? :?:

Second Sock Syndrome. Where you procrastinate to a ridiculous degree knitting the second sock. I loathe knitting the second sock. I’ve made my children wear mismatched socks and called it stylish. :blush:

:lol: Sounds like a syndrome I could easily catch. Although I doubt my clothing obsessed 4 yo (I can’t believe she has started this so young) would never let me get away with it!

How do you tandem knit both socks? That could be the cure!

okay, knitting in tandem, just means knitting both socks at the same time…when i did my 1st pair of socks & i did the 1st one…i was happy & wanted the 2nd one to be ready then, too. then i was reading around online & this lady said that she knit both at same time … u just buy 2 sets of same size dpns…c/o say 56 sts & do k2p2 cuff for 2 in on 1st sock; then do same to 2nd sock; and follow in pattern with both socks…i promise it seems to go faster…when i 1st started this way i knitted 3 pair of socks in 1 week & 1 pair was a pair with cables!!
only way to go
of course…u can do it on circs, too, far as i know…but i like dpns

I definitely want to try 2 socks on 1 circ. I tried one sock on 2 circs and that was pretty tood. I just ordered the 40 and 52 inch cords for my denise set so I could try the two sock thing. Can’t wait to get them!

can someone post a link to tutorials?

I bought sock yarn, but I’m just going nutso trying to make’em.

And…is there directions on making socks (probably more like cottage socks) out of thicker yarn? It’s the small yarn, and the small needles that just makes me insane.



ellyoo…if u start out using larger dpns like 6,7 or 8 and larger yarn u will get the hang of it very quickly…let me see what i can find for u,2046,DIY_18180_36323,00.html the guest on this show, karen baumer is the yoda of sock knitting (sorry amy…no yodaness taken from u!) and when i saw this actual show…everything came together…there’s also a video on this link
amy has videos on her under advanced techniques…look up top yet another turorial
this should have u pretty much covered for a start
i suggest going to the diynet one 1st

I actually love using dpns… i’m fairly new to knitting, and I caught on quickly.

Switching down to the sock sized yarn and needles however… i just have NOOO patience.

I"m addicted to chunky and large needles.
How would I make socks that fit with yarn that’s thicker?
I’ll check that site out tho.

I used Silver’s sock tutorial for my first sock and had no problems :thumbsup: . She is very explicit and has LOTS of pictures.

also, if u r using big needles…use dpns that r 2 or 3 sizes smaller than that which is recommended on the ball of yarn; the sts will be tighter

LOL I tried 2 on 2 and did one pair and half the next pair then ask my self why I was struggeling with that when I was not enjoying it? I love my dpns.

My cyber sister decided to see if she could do it and knit two pair on 2 circs!!! She did it and now says she doesn’t have to do it again. She does do all her socks 2 on 2.

After breaking one of my expensive bamboo dpns [$7.95 for 5] I decided to find out what size shish kabob skewers were… I have gotten them in 4 sizes so far. So for about $1 I get 100, break them the length I want, do a bit of sanding finish with some emery paper. Then I put a drop of veg oil in the palm of my hands, rub the new ‘needles’ until they obsorb most of the oil. I rub them off on a paper towel and have my new needles. I have 40 of them finished so can have 8 socks in the works at one time.

Yes you can call this cheap or thrifty or just plain smart!!!

:thinking: I must say…u r a pretty smart cookie…lol
alto i :heart: dpns in tandem…i could never do bamboo or wood or anything bc i sometimes knit hard & i would be sanding bamboo skewers way more than i was :XX: … i have to stick to mine…lol
very ingenious!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: