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Someone who has actually done them that way. Cool. Discussion about doing socks like that comes up now and again and now we have someone who can say they did it, it works, it’s magic! I’ve seen the videos, I’ll take your word for it. lol I’m sure I’d end up with a real mess if I tried it.


i know has been an oft-mentioned pattern, on ravelry and elsewhere. althought it looks like there aren’t many project pages, so who knows how many times it’s actually been done…


Oh, the purple and green…gotta do that…but my usual 2@time magic loop style. And a gusseted heel. And a different toe. They’ll be just like those only different. :wink:


well, you know what they say about socks:

they may not be big, but they’re small.



Socks are small but mine are big. :zombie:


:yay: just my luck.
one of my knitting group “friends” has given me a sock pattern.
probably payback for the filatura magazine I gave her last week.

I do love my knitting group.

everyone is helpful, encouraging, and lively.

and we trade shtuff like jigsaw puzzles, books, yarn…


this was included in an email from instructables this morning… i found it fascinating.


I think what I need is a version of 3-D that will make me my wretched green grandpa sweater. so I don’t have to finish it.

I have freakishly long arms. The sleeves with take FOREVER.


a few of the things i’ve been working on the last 6 months or so.

03 - purple socks
02 - process vs project
01 - double down beanie

there are a few other things too, but some of them so recent i haven’t taken pictures yet… more to come later.

cheers, X


The socks and the hats are wonderfully well done, X. Did you use patterns for the hats or are they your own design? Both very fashionable.


Wow, those are beautiful!