All XtopherCB, All The Time

Ouch! Being nice is hard. :wink:


i thought how silly, a granny square maxi dress, until i looked closer and realized it’s a blanket.

but seriously, why not a granny square maxi dress? surely somebody out there needs one. :slight_smile:

Here ya go, a couple of patterns to get you started looking for the perfect one.

I actually like the blanket. Maybe it’s what I want. Maybe not. I’ve been thinking more of a floral motif thing.

teehee… the 70s were a magical time. i defy anyone to dispute that. :wink:

As if you’d remember.

i had 2-1/2 years of it… born the same weekend as “star wars: a new hope” premiering in theaters… memorial day '77. still plenty of 70s mayhem after that! :slight_smile:

I knew it! You’re just about the same age as my kids, they were born in 76 and 78.

HA. you’re a mere embryo.

I remember the 70’s.

I remember seeing Star Wars when it first came out. It was pretty awesome then.


looks like an interesting option… one more in a string of sock options :wink:


this is cute, for my mom, but i don’t think i’d do a butterfly on the bottom… maybe 2 smaller on the top, offset from eachother. and it’d work as purl bumps against stockinette, if it was in a solid lighter color.


check out the show notes > questions… :wink:

ETA - oh, and i get a shout-out and a response to a question i posed on his ravelry blog (around 42:30, in the ‘questions’ segment).


I watched/listened long enough to decide he should change his user name to Chatty Cathy. Sorry, but I just couldn’t stand his blathering on and on and on. I am interested in your question and the answer you received, I will try find it.

ETA I found it and played that segment.

…it’s that i’m fighting ADD/ADHD… how many new projects can one person get excited about AND cast on, in one day?

How many licks does it take to get to the middle of a Tootsie Pop?

i had a whole thing going here and then decided it’s simple…

it’s not you, it’s me (well, it’s me and this pattern). so don’t take anything personally. you should keep enjoying this pattern and making some great stuff.

i’m just going to (mostly) plug away, a round or two at a time, on current WIPs, and then find easy/ier patterns for charity knits, so i can get rid of some acrylic and bulky yarns. and then i’ll reassess how i’m feeling about other items/patterns.

I’m not bummed by it, don’t think that. It’s a combination of different ways of processing information and a pattern that does not work for you. I grasped the concept and from there it’s no big deal, just a few snags here and there like I can’t count and start increases and decreased in the wrong place and so I frog and redo.

Acrylic yarns would make great baby blankets and there seems to be a need for them. They’re smallish so if you don’t have a whole lot of one yarn you could probably still make one. They’d allow you to try different stitch patterns you want to explore too. Most any baby item should easily find someone to love it and appreciate the work you do.

sockmatiguy sure goes on and on.

does he eventually get to the part where he shows us knitting?

ha ha… :wink: yes, he does… a LOT of double knitting.

I did socks using double knitting, many MANY years ago.

its like magic. two socks at once, with one tucked into the other as you go.

cast off, and MAGIC! you pull the inside sock out of the outside sock and you have a PAIR!!

no second sock syndrome.

they took forever.