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it sounds so much more impressive than it is… just a lot of languishing projects! :slight_smile: i love your hat - i’m all impressed and inspired. just have to learn double knitting first! :slight_smile:


Double knitting is the exact thing as doing 1X1 ribbing for a whole project… Except for reversing the colour with the motif designs…it really is not difficult as people imagine…

Lol, you did impress me, though!!K


well, i’ve got 4 squares done… need to do a 3rd smaller one on the lower left corner, and then fill in the whole leftover void with a big square.

so far my dislike of the yarn (texture/feel/grip) is intensifying. and i’ve realized i like a slip-stitch edge as it’s easier to pick up stitches from it later. didn’t put a scale/ruler on it, but it’s about 9.5" across.

the wonky edge doesn’t make me happy, but everything is actually attached corner-to corner with the right stitch count like it’s supposed to be. so a border is probably a good idea to help contain everybody with a cleaner look.


Good start. What yarn are you using?
A crochet border would be nice. :wink:


thanks… but argh. lol… it’s far from perfect and i just have to suck it up. the yarn is an ancient acrylic i got a bundle of in donations from a friend (from her aunt). it’s unlabeled but i know it’s acrylic. some kind of red heart, wintuk, i love this yarn, etc. sticky, splitty and rough… agreed about the crochet border. could be a good learning experience. :wink:


For some strange reason this made me think of you. :shrug:
Brane Fud


that’s interesting… i’m both brained-out, and looking for washcloth patterns. having trouble staying focused, so ravelry pattern hunting last night was very “oh that’s a nice one, i like tha–SQUIRREL!–now where was i…?” :wink:


Too much shiny. I’m trying to come up with a plan for an orange and white afghan, I’m thinking mosaic, maybe crochet. I’ve been looking for ideas and keep going off on yet another tangent.

I’m irritated with Ravelry. I added a “set” to my libray by mistake creating a duplicate entry and apparently there is no way to edit or delete them once created. So that tangent of trying to find a solution was really annoying.

We now return you to your own Sunday morning pursuits.

#589 could be fun, in orange, light orange and white, or orange, red and white. but since i don’t crochet, i’m no help…

ETA i also like because of its off-kilter log cabin-ness…


Both good links to good patterns, I have thought for a long time I should do the blocks one. However…isn’t there always a qualifier?..he has chosen two colors. I encouraged him to select a third but he only wants orange and white. I might try doing a small Vasarely blanket piece and see if he likes it well enough to add a third color. Whatever I do I’m sure he’ll be glad for. This is the grandson with Aspergers; I want to try to include his wants as much as possible. Thankfully there is no deadline involved. There is time for discussion and looking and trying to have a meeting of the minds. I’ve done a really big log cabin crochet. That pattern bothers me, I’ve never liked it; it’s just me. The incomplete rectangular parts just make me crazy. That’s my problem with the 10 stitch blanket and with mitered square blankets. I’m truly bizarre, you have my permission to agree.

I just had a thought for the blocks pattern: Orange, white, orange & white stripes for the third color. It might work.


Thank you!


hey, i was just having that thought too… solid orange, solid white, and the 3rd ‘color’ could be the orange/white mix (ombre/stripe/pattern/print/variegated) if you used easy-to get yarn, like RHSS, there’s aran, buff or white for the ‘white’; flame or pumpkin for the ‘orange’; and orange/white team spirit for the ‘mix’.


I might have to quilt that. lord knows I have enough fabric scraps…


It makes a cool quilt.


ok, 6 squares done. definitely a work in progress…


so i just realized last wednesday was my “oneyeariversary” on KH. so yay for me. but even more so, a big YAY! to everybody on here who’s been so helpful and nice! :wink:


Good for you! I just realized, come July I’ll have been knitting for 4 years. Doesn’t seem possible. I agree that people here are helpful and nice. KH is the reason I’m knitting at all.


so was having a kind of ugh/blah day with the bright spots being catching up and getting ahead (by a lot) on school stuff, and some good mindless knitting… and then… in my email… what should appear?

why a message from heather ordover at cooperative press, to tell me i’m the grand prize winner of a contest they just ran, and my prizes include cold hard cash money and a signed copy of their new knitting book, “defarge does shakespeare” ( it’s the 3rd in the ‘madame defarge’ series of historical/literary patterns and essays. heard about it from a few sources, most notably elizabeth green musselman’s ‘dark matter knits’ podcast/blog.

have to pencil in some stash-diving this week, to see what i could cast-on when the book arrives.


How cool is that! I like The Yellow-Gartered Dude Abides. This should be a fun book. The cold hard ca$h ain’t bad either. Congratulations!


I gotta go look up that book!