All XtopherCB, All The Time


As if things weren’t difficult enough already.


Have you seen The Gates of Moria?


You handled it very well , good for you . Obviously the scolder was not up on their knitting skills as you are. Removing yourself from the situation you were in was the right thing to do. As for knitting at the time , really !?! how dare someone question something like that . Rude people are clueless .


MELLON! :wink:


I am so sorry you had to deal with that lady… People are stupid sometimes…
Sorry about your aunt,




oh GG… :wink:

MELLON (pronounced mel-lon) is the actual sindarin (elvish) word for ‘friend,’ that frodo gets gandalf to remember and speak when the fellowship is waiting at the gates of moria (“speak ‘friend’ and enter”).


Thank you. I forgot.


it’s ok. i’m nerd enough for many people. :wink:





Second from the top - in support of fine arts?


yay you caught it too! :wink:


Now I’m worried. :shock:

I really like Firefly.


as my own acountabilibuddy, i now return to my regularly scheduled self-check, or as best as i can do after events of the last month-plus. there’s not been much progress.

recently finished:

  1. 2 of 3 test knitters’ hats based off my first original pattern - very happy to say so far, just minor issues that have been resolved easily.

projects on the needles now:

  1. rib & zig-zag stockinette ‘fava beans & a nice chianti’ socks. #2 needles are so teeny tiny some days. languishing, except for the 50-round mega-knit/sanity-saving at the hospice duck pond.
  2. both 3-strand pot holders. although one is almost done. still. almost. done. almost.
  3. SisIL’s dishcloths were frogged and restarted, this time in basic patterns. she won’t appreciate any effort or design, and will barely appreciate the color, so easy-for-me is how it goes.
  4. 4 cup-cozies for mom. yes all 4 to do, still.
  5. test pieces for a mitered square blanket. i have a ton of crappy navy/royal/white acrylic yarn (i love this yarn? wintuk? 70s red heart?) that i’m working with just to find what i like, technique-wise. i think i’ll just do a small blanket of it to be done with the yarn, wash it twice with fabric softener, and then donate it.

projects that need finishing touches:

  1. kate’s 30 hearts cowl. i had to throw this into the ‘finish it later pile’ a month ago, and of course kate totally understood why it missed her birthday. which is why she’s my friend, and why she deserves hand-knits. so, need to pick out the yarn for duplicate stitch and get to gettin’.

projects to be on the needles soon:

  1. sweater, for me. decided on the one. now just need to gather the yarn.
    2 and 3) socks and socks. so many sock yarns. so many feet. so little time. i am going to figure out how to do the reinforced heel flap on the sole instead, and an upside down gusset, or else an integrated/gradual gusset. there are like 10 sock patterns i’m trying to shoehorn ( ha ha, get it?!? ) together…
  2. seahawk color mini pom-poms for mom’s project.

in extended time-out:

  1. aunt sherry’s blanket, again. after frogging the spiral version that just didn’t work out well, i started a garter stitch version. but now that she’s passed, i don’t know what to do with it. i’m going to post a thread to ask what others have done with very personal projects that won’t make it to the intended recipient. i venture ‘charity’ and ‘family memento’ will be the top answers.

recently frogged or given up on:

  1. estonian lace scarf, from a group KAL. - on hold as the OP has gone missing. still no information 2 months after the fact, so it’s kaput. time for a new KAL… like the KH-designers one i started drumbeating last week.

ok, fine, twist my arm, i admit it, i need:

  1. still just a yarn ball winder. it’s not high-priority.


'fava beans & a nice chianti’
You can call them Hannibal.


i’m actually thinking of them as a 2nd pattern on ravelry, although i’d have to finish the first pair, and then either do a 2nd pair or get a test knitter to try it too… but skipping rounds of ribbing (rib pattern one round, all knit next round, repeat) isn’t the same as ‘broken rib’, right?


Broken rib. According to this I think you’re describing broken rib. I think I’ve seen other patterns called the same. Whatever it is, I like it and used it for a sweater.


that looked like a garter stitch broken rib? but, same idea, just all right sides, all in the round. it’s because the sole is twisted/zig-zag stockinette, where you knit one round, and then knit through the back loop of the next. so i lined up knit rounds and pattern rounds

round 1: front side rib pattern, back side knit through back loops
round 2: knit everything

repeat 1 & 2 forever or until time to increase gusset/heel.


You can get a good look at it in this video.


Wow, wow and wow!

If I had that many projects to complete, and start I would not be able to sleep at night from the pressure…

I’m a one at a time knitter, but occasionally if I have a double knit project on my needles, I might cast on a pair of socks to work on in the evenings…

Here is my Hat I just completed…gingham Hat