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Their loss. Too bad, so sad for them, they lost a customer. Oh, well.

If you can just step by step follow the instructions for when to knit the stitches and not worry about the outcome it might make it easier. It did for me. I had a heck of a time with the cross stitches but after screwing them up repeatedly and refusing to give in completely and coming back to them, I finally got it and now I can do them. That pattern is easy for me, now. It would not have been when I was (and oh how easy to forget that pain till reminded) trying to assimilate them into my knitting.


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My first encounter with this pattern is something I try to forget. I saw a question about a pattern and got started looking. The way they said to work it was he!! and no joke.


I have an itty bitty swatch right here. It is thicker than stockinette because of the crossed stitches ending up on top of each other. I would not want it on my soles, I don’t think I’d like the feel.

I’ve been thinking of using it for a small purse.


totally saving this pattern in my library, and really want to use the stitch pattern on some socks… would love these in a nice green or charcoal.


Thanks. I think that’s the pattern I saw called by another name and couldn’t find on Ravelry and really wanted to so I could save it because I want to use that stitch pattern on something for my grandson it’s really very attractive and masculine which can be hard to find.

Either charcoal or green would be nice done up in this.

I need alike button here.


I was on the same line of thinking as X but in thinking it out I am agreeing with you more and more, it might be tough on the feet…


It’s thick and textured and really nice and I think it would bug me to stand on. I don’t like crocheted slipper soles for the same reason.


I’d like to learn how to double knit a sole of a sock, I have not found a free pattern yet…I am not too cheap to buy a pattern, but I have been burnt so often with learning a new technique, buying a pattern then not having a how to in the pattern, so I am weary now…more than once bitten, now shy!


I’m thinking of it with bulky yarn for slipper socks, to start. I’ll report back later. Much later :slight_smile:


Lori, This is the perfect forum for asking about those new techniques or how-to’s. Dig out one of those purchased patterns that you’d love to work on and maybe we can all help.


I cannot remember which patterns over the years frustrated me in the past, but thanks for your offer of assistance…I now have a lot more skills under my belt… As for the DKing socks, I think I have figured out how to do it…But still working on my idea…
Thanks again…



just saw this mentioned on elizabeth green-musselman’s ‘dark matter knits’ podcast.

if you’re not familiar with franklin, he’s the creative force behind ‘it itches’ and the very well-known ‘panopticon’ knitting blog.

i bet some of you out there have some hilarious and subversive yarn shaming stories. :wink:


Just the sole? because there are many patterns and videos for DK socks. But I’ve not seen one for DK only the soles of socks. If you find one please let me know . Since I wasn’t sure what it was exactly you’re looking for I did find a link.


Wits: a deep yogic breath, my (and your) implicit permission to throw the mess across the room when your brain seizes up, and the ability to hold two different strands of yarn however you like.

My kind of how-to. :thumbsup:


Lovin’ the Freebies

Did you know about this?


i did. i do. i’m a member of the group, but i’m a bad apple - i often forget to check the board. thanks for reminding me to add it to my ‘must watch’ ravelry discussions.

ETA - thankfully, many of them are items i catch on ravelry as either new patterns, or if i do the ‘hot right now’ sort. so i’m not totally woefully without redemption. :wink:


lol I didn’t join, I just check to see what’s listed. I even posted one, did that join me?


To many rules with this group , not for me .


You mean the no chat and stuff? It keeps the links so they can be found easy. Other than that, I didn’t join the group and have no idea what the rules are. :shrug: I do love freebies. I have so many “purchased” patterns and haven’t spent any money on them.


so… is there a special place in the afterlife dedicated to busy bodies with no sense of timing/audience?

i got scolded for how i was knitting (2-at-a-time toe-up socks on magic loop) in the day room of the hospice facility, where my long-suffering aunt was literally dying last week.

the unnamed scolder’s husband is a resident of the facility (which also houses long-term care). apparently i was supposed to be using DPNs, knitting cuff-down and buying a different yarn. oh, and i wasn’t supposed to be knitting at all if our situation was so serious. (mind you i was trying to keep busy/sane/out-of-the-way while many of the family and friends were having jerry springer-style issues including who to or to not to let in, and how much pain medication to allow.) i finally went outside where they have a big duck pond with benches and tables and shut that world out for about 50 rounds.

but inapprops, lady. know your crowd.