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the pattern is in german, but i’ll have to work through that… :wink:


They also have it in English


Thanks, Nana. When I saw it was in German I didn’t save it. Now I saved it. :slight_smile:


ooh thanks for pointing that out! when i saw it, they’d barely posted it on ravelry, and it only had the german text and icon. and i was still game! the english makes it that much easier. :wink:


I thought of you when I was looking on youtube for hubby. He wants to make me a homemade ball winder. He found some good sites were they use wood and gears but here are some easier ones . I love the lady that came up with the Duck Tape one .


Muster der Socken-Kreativ-Liste


hmm… ok. some nice designs, but the thing about the other sock was its name, despite being in german-only at first. :wink: still, i’ll keep that site bookmarked for later. maybe i can get a translation on a few patterns. :slight_smile:

ETA - oh wait, i see the english translations now too. it’s been one of those weekends… :wink:


i’ve seen that duct tape one before, it always cracks me up! the one with the wine rack was new - i’ve seen a version where somebody bolted it to the lazy susan, instead of it being taped down, but then they used a regular ball winder instead of a make-shift nostepinne.


… this is a fun… i may try it on a near-term project…

(also, nice to see spring/summer knitty has gone live, since we skipped straight from fall to spring here in person…)


I think is down. :sad: I’ll look later.



no. just no. i will beat you with it if you make it. :wink:




Wow, that would go great with a nice pair of hip hugger bell bottoms and a parsley shirt and don’t forget the big wide belt and stacked heeled boots :rofl:


We need the appropriate mode of transport when we shop for yarn for it.


Hey Man that’s Cool !


i like but… i really wish there was a picture/tutorial for the stitch. it’s reminding me of the laxo hat fiasco, all these crossed-over stitches.

ETA - i thought it would be fun for socks. of course. especially the soles, if it turned out to be a thicker fabric.


I’ve played with that stitch. Not hard at all. If you can do the knitted left cross then you should be able to purl out of order. That’s all it is. I don’t know what the laxo hat fiasco was.


thank you, my own personal cheerleader :wink: you can do it, yes you can! yaaaay socks! :wink:

i don’t know why, but these crossover stitches are really tough for me to get my head around… the whole ‘work the 2nd/3rd/etc stitch’ and cables…

the laxo hat was in a book i bought. i really liked it, but couldn’t figure out this funky 4-stitch and 3-row pattern with crossovers. i asked for help from everybody who’d done a project page for it on ravelry, including the designer herself. the responses were either ‘well, it’s in the book and it’s easy’ or ‘i haven’t heard anybody having issues with THAT before, maybe you should start with a garter stitch scarf’… the designer said straight up that it wouldn’t get a video (even tho her site has other help videos that go with her patterns), and that the directions on pages such and such were sufficient. so… i returned the book, after contacting the publisher to express my displeasure. about 4 days ago, i got an email back from one of the original project people, to say they’d knit it again and yeah, the directions are kind of murky and as a friend of the designer she’d let her know a video would be helpful. but it’s too late for me. onward and upward.


Ask and you shall receive. I now have a name for it AND found a video!!! :woohoo:
Knitting Instructional Video: How to do a Plaited Basket Stitch

Now I’ll read the latest, had to do this before I forgot.


you’re the best :wink: and as an added bonus, i understand it now. :wink: