All XtopherCB, All The Time


I don’t think they exist either. It must be like averages- no one is actually is ‘normal’, it is just right in the middle of the two extremes of weirdness, ya know what I mean?


Yeah, it lies. I’m much weirder than it says I am. I feel insulted that it gave me such a low score.

Average. I just did a Google and one of the hits tells me the average US household is 2.58. I guess someone’s perpetually just about 4 to 5 months preggers? YIKES!


my friend kate is turning 30 next month and i think i’m going to make this for her birthday present: .

she and her husband are now stationed at fort leonard wood in the missouri ozarks, so i have to make sure i get it finished AND mailed in time. but it seems easy enough, although i’ll for sure be checking out that video the designer made on duplicate stitch.


That’s a really nice cowl pattern and will be a very welcome gift!


and they arrived today… and they are lovely! :wink: now i seriously (really, truly, i mean it) can’t complain about (or covet, or justify buying) any more needles. if you know cyndi (cmsnyder on ravelry) send some nice words her way - she’s been quite generous giving away items lately.


lerd, i hate me sum pickin’ up-n-knittin’ stitches, sumthin’ fierce…

but, the hat needs another big stripe, so it’s got more slouch.


Break time! Pu&k and JSSBO will still be waiting when you’ve seen this.

BTW I just did pu&k and wrapped the yarn clockwise. For me it seems to help maintain an even tension and knitting into the back loop to untwist it made a nice stitch.


i don’t know what the issue is. this makes perfect circuitous logic. :wink:


:slight_smile: this one got me… uh, no. i really will start/struggle with/finish a beekeeper’s quilt before i’d ever think of socks for a cat. and in cashmere, no less! jeez, kate’s lucky she’s getting a cashmere cowl, and i like her. a cat has no chance.


WT*? Tape on cat’s feet is faster, cheaper, easier, more fun, extremely entertaining, and much less likely to precipitate a trip to the ER.

Warning: Putting socks on a cat can be hazardous to one’s health. The designer of this pattern is not responsible for injuries to oneself or yarn stash.


trying to be my own acountabilibuddy here.

recently finished:

  1. child size hat using funky extruded/wrapped yarn, for a pattern i’m developing.
  2. adult sized hat using better yarn, but same in-development pattern as above.
  3. center panel for aunt sherry’s blanket. but i need to rethink the bind-off. even though i used a supposedly loose one and larger needles, it’s too tight. so, it’s finished, but on its way to time-out, again.

projects on the needles now:

  1. rib and zig-zag stockinette toe-up socks in ‘fava beans and a nice chianti’ mill end fingering.
  2. ‘30 hearts’ cowl for kate’s 30th birthday next month. using a nice soft yellow cashmere/soy/silk blend. for the duplicate stitch, i’m thinking a nice variegated blue/green. we’ll see.
  3. never-ending 3-strand pot holders. (2 of them)
  4. dishcloth using cotton/metallic bernat handicrafter, for my Sis-In-Law. i lost my place in my self-made pattern, and it needs more brainpower/time than i have to give it. it will wait. well, there were supposed to be 4, so they can ALL wait.
  5. 4 cup-cozies. only because my mom asked for them. real men don’t use them. we just burn our hands and stoically say ‘no, it’s fine,’ and then knit them for our mommies if they ask nicely, with our burned hands.
  6. a 3rd hat using my in-development pattern, this time with beading. a 2015 goal is to publish a pattern on ravelry, just for fun.

projects to be on the needles soon:

  1. estonian lace scarf, from a group KAL.
  2. sweater, for me. only 1 at a time, and can’t decide which.
    3 and 4) socks and socks. so many sock yarns. so many feet. so little time.
  3. seahawk color mini pom-poms. for a fan spirit craft my mom saw involving ready-made gloves. yay spirit fingers! (even tho extended time out #1 below.)

in extended time-out:

  1. ‘seahawks’ scarf. not turning out the way i envisioned. it might get frogged, and redone, with smaller needles and a better wrap&turn for the keyhole features. also, they’re losers, so you know, whatever. :wink:

recently frogged:

  1. frankie brown’s 10-stitch blanket. is it me, is it the yarn, is it the design? i don’t know, but it’s just not happening right now, so i admitted total defeat and reclaimed the yarn. and i’m a better man for it. weight of the world off my shoulders. ha, not! :wink:

ok, fine, twist my arm, i admit it, i need:

  1. a yarn ball winder. even a cheap-o one from hobby lobby will do fine, for now.


Cup cozies are for keeping the coffee warm longer, silly boy. Who cares about your fingers? :roflhard: You’re a good son to make them for mommy.

I have terminal accountadebility, I have no idea what all my WIPs are.

As cool as it really is I don’t like the 10 stitch blanket, something about the squared spiral, same with mitered square designs that don’t make squares in squares. A feeling of something’s just not right. I can admire the work but really looking at them bothers me.

My ball winder from Knit Picks is still going strong but I’ve read that newer ones aren’t as well made.


…but some of you better watch your hand knits…


:wink: :teehee: :stuck_out_tongue: :rofl: :roflhard:



“Knitting club gets £250k Lotto fund
18 February 2015 Last updated at 09:53 GMT
A “knit and natter” group has been given a grant of nearly £250,000 from the Big Lottery fund so that 2,000 volunteers can carry on making blankets for charity.
Norfolk Knitters and Stitchers started in 2008 to stop older people feeling isolated or lonely, now it has grown to 85 groups across the East.
Dawn Gerber reports.”



a knit placenta hat. to match a knit uterus. “…for the birth enthusiast in your life…”


Let’s keep things balanced here, shall we? Pearl Clutcher Maybe you know someone who needs that.

I’m doing a baby sweater with the helix/barber pole/one row stripes. Much easier to keep the yarn untangled than I expected.


thanks for the reply - that’s a day-brightener :wink:

“Hang on to your pearls, ladies. This sassy cardigan makes a statement. I really don’t know what that statement is, but there you go. Wear it to the grocery store, the next PTA meeting, or in-law’s house!”

amen, sista :wink:


Was “wear it to church” omitted on purpose? Allowing for taste and/or lack thereof, I’m truly amazed at some of the things people actually knit. I bet it generated poison pen messages. Speaking of which, how’s your mal-messages sitch?

ETA Is there a matching hat? I wonder but not don’t care enough to go looking for something to coordinate with it. :eyes:


people who didn’t look too close at first thought it was flowers and vines… and then put their glasses on. but the first page of comments had a lot of positivity and people taking it as a fun gesture.

no bad messages here, i may have slipped under the radar. :slight_smile: