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thankyou… thankyou verymuch…

yeppers, for me. am up to the 38th round, so not super far, but enough i can see the pattern forming. round 1 is 36 stitches of k3/p1 on the top, 36 stitches of ktbl on the bottom. round 2 is 72 stitches of knits. the ktbl/k is for zig zag stockinette on the bottom (which i can feel how it’s denser than regular stockinette, without all that linen stitch ickiness the chinese-american socks had), and since i had to knit every 2nd round for the zig-zag pattern, i figured might as well do it on the top too, and save myself some ribbing knit/purl back and forth. the ribbing still shows up just fine. really liking the colors.

i’m thinking for the DROPS socks, a sport/dk weight would be good, but still something with nylon in it for extra strength. noro silk garden sock would be super fun. berroco vintage dk has some nice colors. bergere de france’s ‘ideal’ would be nice, but limited colors. skacel/simplicity’s haikoo has great self-stripers. fiesta’s baby boom is crazy fun with the colors. there’s even some great opal brand options, cascade’s heritage 150, plymouth yarn’s happy feet, etc etc etc.


I think you’ll really like them. I made Sasquatch socks for my son (12EEEor more EEEE) and he thinks he needs a 3rd pair of what he calls Mommy Socks. Kids. At least you’re doing your own! FWIW he is hard on socks and I’ve asked and his haven’t worn any holes at last check; I think the first pair is over two years old. I should ask again.

I’m leery of a sock pattern like that one. It’s a lot of knitting to find out it’s the wrong size. I think the only time I’ve used more than 60 stitches around a foot was for the Sasquatch socks. I just assume that I won’t like the fit of most patterns because they call for more stitches than I use. I want to do Skew but I’m concerned about the fit. If I would just do a pair I could probably figure out where to change what to make them the right size. DROPS slippers taught me a lot about fitting them to feet. Now I’m thinking about a hybrid knit sole two layers thick, crochet top slipper project. First I have to frog/tink a couple rows on a garter stitch shawl and get my stitch count right again. The Joy of Knitting!


i know what you mean about the fit. that absolutely stops me cold for so many patterns. definitely not skilled enough for a lot of different clothing, yet (well, the skills/confidence, but also the time. it’s much easier to do a few rounds on a sock, and check off as i go, but i can’t concentrate on a big garment right now). but, i think with that DROPS pattern, since it says the length and height for each size, you can feel a little more confident. average foot circumference is usually about 20% less than foot length (, and the garter stitch stretches, so it should be easy enough to kitchen-math the numbers for fit, especially if your gauge swatch is on-target. i think part of my fascination with the DROPS pattern is that it would be a great excuse to indulge in some nice $$$ yarn :wink: or a fun magic ball, or, ok, fine, some cascade heritage on sale… :wink:


holey cheez-whiz, with all the spam today. what’s the deal?


To parody a Weird Al parody…Been spending most our lives livin’ in a spammer’s paradise…

I reported some. It makes you wait to report the next. I feel sorry for the mods. Most of the time I guess they catch it before it gets so bad.


you’ve now gone into metaparody territory ( i hope you feel sufficiently wise today :slight_smile:


You met a parody you didn’t like.


What the heck is going on ??? I’m trying to post and it keeps going to GG’S post as a quote post . Not what I want to do and now I don’t remember what it was I was going to post. Don’t know if it’s my laptop or the site. I am having trouble tonight all around on the computer.


Now it’s letting me post without a quote.:rofl: Stupid computer.

X, I’ve downloaded a lot of Drop patterns but haven’t tried one yet. Someone on one of the knitting sites made a comment that Drop patterns have a tendency to leave some instructions out . Not having knitting one yet I don’t know if that’s fact or fiction.

So , did you seen my post on the itsy bitsy socks ? Think they were about an inch tall .


I’ve had that quote post problem too. I’ve seen a thing below the reply box that says you can deselect the quote. I think it has to do with clicking the quote button next to the reply button. Maybe. Maybe not. Who knows? Not me. I can break computers in stores just by being there.

I wonder when the quote thing acts up if it could be deleted in preview. When it happens to me again maybe I’ll think to find out.


i’ve heard that about drops many times. in fact, i think i’ve said it about half the times to those newer than me, on this very site. reading a drops pattern is like listening to somebody who is new at english. it’s very exacting and detailed, sometimes to the point of confusion. they mean well, and they often do well, but sometimes translating from whichever of the norwegian languages (norwegian, nynorsk or bokmal) gives their uk english and us english pattern readers pause.

and yup, i did see your itsy bitsy teenie weenie socks :slight_smile: i meant to comment on them then, but it got lost on my to-do list. to paraphrase ashford & simpson, ‘ain’t no needle small enough.’ :wink:

side note: wikipedia wants to double check me and asked me when i looked up ‘ain’t no mountain high enough’ did i really mean ‘river deep, mountain high.’ um, no. no, i did not. thanks so much, wikipedia. i guess if it’s confused by geography/topography in songs, ‘west end girl’ and ‘downtown’ could have been involved too. :wink:


DROPS patterns are not for a first time pattern user, no doubt about it. I’ve not used many but it seems to me that you really need a decent understanding of how a project should work up before it will work out well. New to patterns and nobody to help figure it out? Guaranteed it will not end well.

I was looking at DROPS yarn and found a site (I’d have to Google again) that actually shows prices in USD but didn’t get as far as finding out the shipping cost before I saw something shiny. They have a cotton in really bright colors that I think I could just fall head over heels for.


i just ‘won’ some knitter’s pride single-point needles, sizes 4-11, in their nice zipper case!


:cheering: :cheering:


Good for you ! I saw that and I saw you had some books up to pass on , but I don’t have anything right now to pass on so I deleted my post to you. That’s a really neat idea they got going one and some really nice stuff too.


How Weird Are You?

I’m 56% weird.

Normal enough to know that you’re weird…But too damn weird to do anything about it!


were you interested in a specific one? the smaller 50s intro booklet has been claimed and mailed, but i still have the other 2 (the 2-needle mitten booklet, and the hardcover about colorwork), and i’m happy to part with them. lemmeknow :wink:


I’m 32% weird : not weird enough to scare other people…but sometimes you scare yourself.

Actually sometimes I do scare others. It is sorta fun.:teehee:



It is fun, isn’t it? :mrgreen:

My favorite Halloween costume is to dress as a normal person, something I’ve never encountered and don’t think exists.


“You are
27% weird.
Not enough to scare other people…But sometimes you scare yourself.”

i disagree, i know i’m weirder than that.