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One of my fave vids. Are you using 16" circs? I’d do them two at a time so they match. I am [I][B]horrible[/B][/I] at doing matching worked separate.


I don’t see the links for the videos GG . I think I like your way. It just seems to me that the round would be off if the marker is in the middle of the armpit but you start picking up and knitting at the right edge of the armhole sts.


Ok, now I am confused . 2aat on circulars? do you mean on two separate circulars ? yes, I’m using 16" circulars


Sorry X, I think I just Highjacked your blog:rofl:


I’d use my 60" circ and do the sleeves two at a time, much as for two at a time socks.

My bad, the 16 is actually the needle size . I’m stumped with the word ‘Joining’

Just start knitting in the round. You do knit in the round already, I do believe.

Sorry about the link not working. I don’t know why it doesn’t but I think you found the best of the bunch anyhow.


What are friends for? :eyes:


Yes it’s knit in the round . I like the idea of knitting both sleeves at the same time , but now I need to stop and do a refreshing coarse on knitting 2 at the same time on Magic Loop :hair:


man, you leave the house for 30 minutes and… :wink:


ok, so i saw the video nana posted, and i was right…ish… the center is the underarm, with picked-up stitches on either side, and THAT’S where you start joining the new yarn in. and then work however many stitches you already had on top as well.

my thought was you pick up the stitches onto your circular and have them ready, but the video shows actually picking up and knitting with the new yarn, and it looks straightforward enough.


my other thought - i’m bad at picking up stitches. i still find it cumbersome, and/or i think about it after the fact, but didn’t leave myself a nice edge, etc. if/when i start a sweater, i’d be more likely to either do GG’s idea of the sleeves 2-at-a-time and then join them by grafting or seaming later, or i’d choose a pattern where it’s more obvious where to start the sleeves (like, the entire armhole is worked so it’s on a stitch holder)

another side note… have you noticed how many patterns don’t state both the actual dimensions, and the intended fit? so many leave off the ease. something on yarmando’s sock site got me thinking about that, so i checked out a bunch of my PDF e-patterns, and sure enough, they just have dimensions and then something along the lines of “to fit small to medium” or “ages 2 to 4” instead of 'it’s 20 inches around, stretches to 25" or “designed to have 10% negative ease.” maybe that’s why i see so many people in decently handmade, but way too tight fitting or way too loose knitwear?


:hair: I need a visual video and can’t find one,that would help me understand positioning my established stitches onto the ML needle


I’m sorry. If you have two needles work on one and then the other maybe. Lots of people seem to prefer that over two on one long needle. Should you make a mistake it might be easier to deal with.

I do not like the look of sweaters that appear to be for someone much smaller. They don’t IMO look good on skinny people and on us big gals they look like we borrowed from a friend about 16 sizes smaller and now the friend hates me because she didn’t say I could borrow her sweater and now it’s ruined because I stretched it out and she isn’t talking to me anymore and what the heck maybe that’s the way to lose someone I really don’t want around anymore, thank you for the Dear Abby time. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

It’s really hard to know how something will fit until you’ve invested too too too much of your life in it. That’s why top down is the best in my world. Or toe up for sox of course. What gets me is reading that after they finished the mittens that started with a ribbed cuff or hat that started with a ribbed band the knitter finds out it’s way too loose. Duh, did they not think to try it on or at least see how big it measures unstretched?


I look at Liat Gat’s videos for doing two at a time when I need a reminder.


on the other hand, (literally, check out his mittens!), there are the things that are way too big… “i just need a big hat. a really really big hat, or a hood even. i can’t find one anywh… hey wait a minute. oh, yeah, this is good… this is nice… look how big this is… and now, i’m so warm, i don’t even need other clothes…”


Did you look at Seventy Stitches to the Inch?


i did indeed :wink: but i’m down to #2s… that’s as tiny as i can go so far :wink:


000 (triple zero) You gotta use 'em at least once. I think I have. Not certain. I’m going to try doing some crochet thread socks just on account of because. They could make cute Xmas ornaments.


i actually have a multipack… i think susan bates (?) metal DPNs… they’re for ‘socks,’ or so says the package, and they go down to 00 or 000… still unopened, but you never know! :wink:


Cyber-zombie :zombie: strikes again. I have the same set. Mine are opened and have been used. Be careful with them, the skinnier they are the more damage they do when you handle them less than very carefully. I just checked they go down to 000. As I recall I knitted socks on sz. 0 and went down to smaller for the rib. Probably 00 but I think I used the 000’s just so I could say I had.

ETA I think I used them on my fave sox.


workin’ away on my socks… up to round 30 (20 of toe/increases, 10 of pattern)…


hey this is interesting and… SQUIRREL! yeah, that’s how distracted i can get…

saw this sock pattern at and said ‘oh, i can do that!’ and in true tradition also added ‘but i’d change this, and that, and this other thing, and…’

  • self-striping yarn instead of 8 million color changes (and all those extra ends to weave in)
  • investigate elastic, for the leg since there’s no actual cuff. i know garter stitch is stretchy, but i’m not convinced.
  • figure out where to get half sizes of needles. all of my sets are full sizes, except the ubiquitous 10.5.
  • practice my short row wrapping, so i find the best ones with the tightest weave/least gapping.

but first, finish all the other WIPs :wink:


I want to do it in heavier yarn.

Your socks WIP is looking mighty fine. Are these for you?