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some of these things - sometimes many of these things - i need an actual in-person hands-on demo of by a live person with some back-and-forth, not just a video. but, the closest LYS is now 45 miles away over a mountain pass. so that’s not happening.

i’m giving up on my chinese-american socks. disappointing, but between work and school and family health, my brain just can’t handle it right now. it’s too many steps and rows just to get the linen stitch right. i’ve been fighting the yarn and the needles, even my new fancy ones, the whole time. i’ll try incorporating the inverted heel concept and some other, easier, dense knit (maybe zig zag stockinette?) at a later date.


Prioritizing sucks. One day when you can think and give them some time I’m sure you’ll make up this pattern, assuming you’ll still be interested in it. Meanwhile, don’t be hard on yourself. Give yourself some space and time. You’ve got a heck of a lot going on. Letting your knitting be more relaxing and therapeutic sounds like a good plan to me.


obviously, you will all be knitting the sacred seattle colors.

knitting anything related to the pats, the nfl’s least-trusted team, will net you a fate worse than tangled yarn.

GO HAWKS! :wink:


Don’t forget your Skittles!


…because even grumpy, tired, fussy, negative neds eventually have to get back on the horse. :wink:

first time using the tiny #2s on my new chiaogoos. the yarn is one of my joann’s $4 a bag sock yarn finds. it has no name. for now because of all the reds/purples/browns, i’m calling it ‘fava beans and a nice chianti.’


The pats and the nfl !?! What is that some Irish saying 'Not funny Lucy" :rofl::rofl::rofl: I am lucky enough to not be a sports fan ,not even married to one :woohoo: So I guess you just set my fate to a ball of tangled yarn,:tap: Mister


I know something about what’s going on with football because I see it on FB. I’m just not into it. Football and others are the opiate of the masses.


Wrap your head around this one Mr.X




so there’s 6 more weeks of winter according to the groundhog from Punxsutawney… i’d at least like 1 winter event here… barely even a dusting of snow this year, and really mild the last 10-12 years, in a place that used to be known for its big snow and ice.


I love that groundhog pic. I didn’t even think about it being Groundhog Day. It’s Grandson Got His Braces Off Day here. We got snow once. We’ve had some really warm days, too, when I didn’t even need a coat. Fog, rain, the usual. Western Washington weather is the very definition of an identity crisis.

I just won the bid for New Pathways for Sock Knitters by Cat Bordhi. I hope it’s worth the $4 including shipping it’s costing me. I do want to look at the pictures. I hope her writing doesn’t irk me as much as listening to her videos. Beth from Planet Purl is selling off some of her book collection, if you can call $4 and I don’t pay postage really selling, on FB.


thanks for the CB book tip… that’s the one with the “upside-down heel flap and inverted gusset” like i wanted to do for the chinese-american socks. so maybe i should get a copy to have the basic instructions.


We have been shoveling snow since yesterday . I just got the trash bins dug out so we could get them to the curb for tomorrows pick up . Then little Miss Emmalou needed the back yard shoveled out so she could do her business . For 24 hours she refused to go out back because the snow was to deep . Hubby calls her a pu$$y because she hates it when she gets snow balls in between her toes.

We bought a riding snow remover two years ago and Hubby has it in one of his storage units and we couldn’t get it out and home because someone plowed so much snow up at the doors we couldn’t get in and we tried but found out the doors were frozen at the bottom with thick ice:hair: money wasted ! Two old people shoveling takes for ever to move this stuff and it’s all because someone and it’s not me , didn’t think ahead to get the snow plow home in time so we could use it :wall:


I think I have that book in my knitting library, I’ll have to check now and see.


have you read the amazon user reviews? most people were happy with it, but those who were unhappy, were VERY unhappy… it’s likely to be one of those ‘to each their own’ books…


I have a knitting instruction question for either one of you . I am done with the body of my cardigan and moved on to the sleeves . Here are the instructions:

Slip the sleeve sts onto the 16 in needles.

Joining the yarn at the right edge of the armhole, pick up 12 sts along armhole, placing a marker after 6.

This marker is the beginning of the round .

Join and k6 rounds.

Here is my question, the armhole is a knitted edge of the body (12 sts ) the sleeve sts were held on waste yarn .

I have picked up the sleeve sts . What does it mean by ,Joining the yarn at the right edge of the armhole, pick up 12 sts along armhole ?

Do I knit those 12 stitches as I am picking them up or just go in and pick up the all ready knitted sts ? I know this is probably so simple and I’m over thinking it .


hmm… if you’re working in the round, would your 16 stitches be the shoulder area of the arm, and the 12 picked-up stitches be the underarm?

if so, then the 12 stitches would be split between 6 front underarm and 6 back underarm, making the actual middle of underarm, where you place the marker, the beginning of round. that would hid any jogs or small holes, or seams.

that would also mean you’d be working right to left, in the round.

also, it doesn’t say pick up and knit. it says pick up. that way you’ll have 28 stitches total on your needles, and then you begin knitting (join) with the new yarn.

that’s my take on it anyway.


My bad, the 16 is actually the needle size . I’m stumped with the word ‘Joining’


Is this a raglan? I would probably pick up stitches with the new yarn and then knit them as part of the round when I come back to them. I’ve been known to pick up from the center under the arm and then to the center when I get back around and I’m sure that is almost as clear as mud. Here are some videos that might help.

I’m most interested in the soon to be my new book to look at the pictures. I’ll most likely be done with it after that.

ETA X and I are of the same mind I think (no insult intended, X) so that could mean he’s all wet too. :roflhard:


Yes it’s a raglan top down. here’s a video that i think it’s like what my instructions call for