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You are wayyyyy to picky


“Make Knot: P3TOG leaving sts on needle, yarn around needle, then purl the same 3 sts together again.”

it was not a fun stitch to try when still learning, so i put it aside until now. also, i went up a needle size, and still couldn’t get gauge. i’m almost thinking i would have had to go up one size, and then for the alternating just-knit rows, go up yet another size. that would help with gauge, and help make the p3tog/etc rows easier to do. but it’s all moot. i figured it out, and that’s the big deal. and now, no more of it :slight_smile:


i would agree with that… i know what i like, and it ain’t much :wink:


Glad you’re done with it, but I’m thinking maybe that’s a stitch that you would need to knit really loose :shrug:


I’ve learn with age to be less picky , only thing I stand firm on is my beer of choice and that has to be a good German Hefe /Hefeweizen and a thick juicy rare steak (cooked on a stone is the best way) When I order a good steak I tell them " Wipe it’s butt ,knock it’s horns off and bring me a fork" That’s how rare I want it!


i have 4 books on it right now from the library… and nope, no way, not gonna happen. there are like 40 other techniques and about 9 more quarters of school that have to happen before i even think about brioche knitting. in fact, it might even be the first time i’d think about paying for how-to lessons, since not one tutorial online says 'sure, this is great for noobs." note to self. look at pretty pictures in books. ‘ooh’ at them. ‘aah’ at them. then return them.

meanwhile the search continues for a pretty, lightweight, not complicated, triangle shawl. saw 2 patterns early this morning that i liked. and then when i downloaded the instructions realized nope. 1 of them has 8 different charts. just charts, no written instructions. the other has charts and written ‘helper notes’ (but still not full instructions), but there’s so few repeats, that it’s like doing something different after every 4-6 rows. discouraging.

plus i’m tired, and fussy, and need my diaper changed and my bottle before bed. it’s been one of those days :wink:


Oh, stop whining like a little baby, tucked stitches, i.e., yarn overs that are knitted together with a slipped stitch from the previous row, you can handle it X just breath.


I think it was you who was the culprit :wink: so I’m asking if you remember. There was a link to a yarn shop in Washington somewhere, your side of the mountains as I recall, that has this ridiculously gigantic pair of circular needles on display. Do you remember anything about it? I don’t know how to find the link again and would like to share it with someone else.


this, i think:

they were at paradise fibers in spokane, tho i don’t know if they’re still there.


Oh, thank you so much, X! I was hoping for some clue as to how to hunt them down. Cheryl Brunette (I really like her knitting videos) posted on FB about using PVC pipe for needles so I thought she’d like to see those if she hasn’t already. She is in this state also.



I knitted these 2 pair of socks for Hubby a couple of year ago . Their size 13 's The brown pair are alpaca and the blue is Trekking sock yarn


Don’t those looky comfy! Cuff down?


Yes, top down, I hadn’t learn toe up back then.


Which do you prefer? I did top down once and used the faux heel flap done backwards, increasing from the start of the faux flap and then decreasing after the heel turn. I’ve not done a heel flap/gusset with picked up stitches.


no worries, i had it easily accessible in my bookmarks. i subscribed to cheryl’s videos about 6 months ago, after you mentioned her. she’s definitely very knowledgeable.


I prefer knitting socks toe up because I like that I can keep trying them on to check the fit. Also like not having to do a Kitchener stitch on the toes as well.

I posted the photos because X was saying something about a size 13 sock

How about you and Mr.X which do you prefer , up or down ?


Toe up for me.


so far, i prefer toe-up, just because of being able to try it on. but it’s not the cuff or leg or foot or toe that are the big issues. it’s the heel. the whole gusset/turn thing that should make sense in my head, but doesn’t. and it’s weird because i’m a visual/spatial kind of person, but there’s a disconnect when it comes to that part of sock construction.


X, I know just what you mean about the heel turn making sense. I take it on faith every single time I do one. I just have to work through it. I guess that’s why it seems almost magical. The flap that makes the heel on a sock makes the top of a slipper, just no turn. Weird.

It’s never happened but the idea of running out of yarn on the foot is one of the biggies for toe up for me. If part of it will end up being in a different yarn then the toe would be better than the cuff anyhow. Sometimes I just can’t figure why one thing seems so important.


I don’t know if this will help but my go to knitting instructor is Liat Gat , she is She got me through turning the heel on my socks . She does this video using Magic Loop