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going ok so far; am half done… 3 color repeat - sage, hot orange & yellow. finished size will end up around 8.75" square. the dashed thing that happens when you introduce a new color actually works in my favor, as it will coordinate with the kitchen towels (i’ll snap a pic of them later on). ok back to it.

#FridayNightKnitting #YOLO

Those are bright and cheery! I like them.

thank you! you’re welcome to come over and use them on my dishes any time you like. :wink:

You’re much too kind. As much as I would love to accept your gracious , selfless offer I must decline. I couldn’t be so cruel as to deprive you of the pleasure of doing it yourself.

i fixed it. finally. the right amounts on each side, of all the double strand stitches, all facing the right way, all on ONE long cable, with the markers in the right spots too. i’m going to do the medium-large panel idea. my pattern ends on round 63. i’m ready to start round 51. i made it a medium priority after my mom inquired. (fine mom, but after homework.)

also, i ordered an extra long (50") cable for my new ChiaoGoo set (looooving iiiiit). didn’t see KH offering it, even on amazon, so went with the best price/reviews. it arrives by friday. i was going to use that for magic looping the chinese-american socks (of which i just finished the seed stitch toes), but i think i’ll switch over to that set for this blanket instead, just to keep myself from another cardiac episode.

:rofl: so now you’ll know the left from the right !

Oh the Horror of it all ! I’ve been there and know just how you feel . At the moment when you realize the stitches are off the needle and you look at the epic catastrophe of it all …I don’t know about you but I turn into a foul mouth trucker drive which hubby wants to put in a corner …time out as some call it, until I can settle down and breath .

I’ve been lucky with my Knit Pick set or maybe it’s just after a couple of melt downs that I’ve learn to repetitively check my joins on the set I’m using while knitting .

it happened AGAIN! this time with just the ONE long cable!!! !@#$ this %^&* jeezy peezy. at least this time it was ‘only’ a short side of stitches exposed (about 50), and it was on my desk, so was easier to stabilize. but that’s it, ‘…fool me once…’ it sits in the bin until the new long chiaogoo cable arrives.

Frank: Serenity now! Serenity now!
George: What is that?
Frank: Doctor gave me a relaxation cassette. When my blood pressure gets too high, the man on the tape tells me to say, 'Serenity now!'
George: Are you supposed to yell it?
Frank: The man on the tape wasn’t specific.

You need to get your money back on those needles .

Did it break or separate?
You need a lifeline in those stitches.

GG’S right X. Lifeline !

they unclicked/separated. just very frustrating. and then i remembered, oh yeah, the chiaogoos have 2 girths of cables. and i ordered the smaller girth that fits the smaller needles. so instead i’ll use 2 of the bigger girth ones i already have, with a connector. i don’t think it will have the same issues as the denise set, since i can use the key tightener, but also, they have the lifeline slot and you better believe i’ll be using it.

as far as returning it or money back… eh… i got the kit on a really good sale, from a reputable amazon dealer. but even then, there was only a 90 day return ( is only 30 days) and it’s been much much more than that. i can exchange parts through denise directly, but since nothing is actually broken, i don’t know what good that would do me. i think better to have learned on something still relatively smaller. now i know its limitations first-hand. it did fine on smaller items like cowls and worsted weight socks. plus, they’re airline safe, so that could be nice.

maybe after dinner i’ll go back to the blanket panel. it would be nice to have it finished today.

click! ping! clack! clang!

oh, hey, didn’t see you there… just working away using my new metal needles. feeling like my own symphony here… :wink:

And how are they working for ya !

doing well with them :slight_smile: finished the blanket panel late last night. thinking about the next step…

for now, have switched over to wooden DPNs for a couple smaller projects that i tried and/or started way back when, but had problems with. now that my skills have improved some, i’m giving them a 2nd look. one of them has a p3tog/YO/p3tog (all in one stitch) repeat (

ok, so here’s the comparison. existing mass-produced kitchen towel on left, new hand-made washcloth on right. the dashed line isn’t an exact match, but it still coordinates. there are other towels with similar stitch style but in different colors. dishcloth knitting is strangely theraputic…

ok, so i’m done with 5 of the 6 pattern repeats. and i don’t like it. but… i did it. lol… i don’t get to say “i can’t do that, it’s too hard.” i’m thinking it would be better in 1) a wool or better fiber than the acrylic i used, and 2) in a more monochrome colorway. but, knowing the stitch is an accomplishment. now for frogging that yarn… patriotic granny square afghan, anyone?

That stitch looks like a crochet st ? I’m confused. If that’s a knit st which one is it?

I would personally stay away for acrylic yarn for a project like a blanket if this is going to be a gift, only because we all know what happens with something knitted with acrylic yarn , it will pill.