All time favorite yarn recommendation for Clapotis

I’ve observed posts for many months about them and have decided I want to try a Clapotis. I’ve seen them made from many types of yarn and can’t decide what type of yarn to use. Recommendations? I’m open to just about anything, I think.

mine is in an aran weight bliss silk merino, which is lovely, but which i would not recommend because the stitches wouldn’t run and i had to pick every row by hand, lol.

you can see pictures here:
if you want to. it was a beautiful weight/drape yarn choice for this pattern.

I made my Clapotis in Colinette’s Giotto in the Raphael color way. I love it! I feel very glamorous and chic when I wear it. And I love people’s reactions when they ask where I got it and I tell them I knit it. Here’s a close up pic of mine! The color is not quite right but you get the idea! I have alos seen beautiful Claps made from mmmalabrigo.

omg! that is so gorgeous!

i just finished a tank out of giotto and it was sort of a pitb to knit with (moss stitch). was in an enjoyable knit for the clapotis? i have a sort of earthy pink colorway that i can’t remember the name of, and this is really tempting. yours is beautiful!

Thank you!
I didn’t have any problem knitting with it. Or if I did I have mentally blocked it out because I love the FO so much.

They’re both beautiful! Thanks for the info about what NOT to use also. That’s something else I should have asked for. I’d been wondering about Noro Silk Garden, but the fact it has some mohair in it made me wonder if it would “stick” also?

[B]Holly P.

How do you make that? It’s beautiful!!!

Is the pattern hard? Would a beginner be able to knit that???


i’ve heard a lot of people say silk garden is too sticky. a pity b/c it looks so pretty knit up!

Yes, you absolutely can do that. It’s mostly stockinette with decreases and increases. Pattern at -
So many of us have made at least one - each color and type of yarn make them different - that we can help you out where you get stuck.

Hint - try out the pattern first on some leftover yarn while you shop for `the good yarn’. That way when you get going on the nice stuff, it’ll be so easy.

Thank you! My yarn stats are listed above in my first post.
Here is the Clapotis pattern . It is rated tangy according to Knitty. I think a slightly experienced beginner could knit one. Just follow the pattern. There is a KAL here If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Suzeeq I didn’t see you reply when I did mine. That is what I get for walking away from the computer mid answer!

Well you know what they say about great minds… :teehee:

I am on my third clapotis. This time I am using Lorna’s Laces Lion and Lamb. I just love this yarn. It is the same yarn the pattern on knitty calls for and I can see why. It is expensive - but I got it on sale and it was worth every penny I paid for it.

The pattern is fun to knit - you can do it and if you have any trouble there are a lot of us that help you through it so go for it!