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A few questions regarding socks! ( I updated the questions )

Socks have become the greatest thing for me to knit and allow me to enjoy the process. However, I’ve only knit one pair out of DK weight. I couldn’t find “sock yarn” at Hobby Lobby and I want to try knitting socks at a smaller guage, so…on with the questions!

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What your favorite weight of yarn to use for socks?

What are, in your opinion, the best fibers for socks?

What is your favorite sock yarn, if you use it?

Toe Up or Cuff Down?

Absolute favorite pattern & cast on method?

Favorite design And/or edging to use?

Hey, I love talking about socknitting!
Sock yarn is classified as “fingering” wt yarn.
Best fibers are a blend of washable wool and nylon (usually), you may find mohair, etc included in the blend
Favorite sock yarn?! I’ll just say, this week it’s Lorna’s Laces, but it changes often!
Favorite pattern would have to be the last socks I made…Leaves of Whimsy socks at Kemp’s store. long tail cast on.
Almost forgot the edging…I like picot edging and I LOVE lace designs.

What is the specified weight of sock yarn? Generally “Fingering” The label usually specifies a size 0-3 needle.

What are the best fibers for socks? Ah, the million dollar question. I prefer wool or cotton or cotton/bamboo blends. I have knit some socks using a wool/nylon blend that were ok, but my feet got smelly quicker in those than in just the plain wool socks. I wash all my socks by hand so it doesn’t matter what the fibers are as far as washability.

What is your favorite sock yarn? Like Rebecca, it depends on what I am working on.

Absolute favorite pattern & cast on method? Cast on: Long tail by far. I can whip on a hundred stitches in no time flat using long tail. Favorite pattern? Hmmm. The only socks I’ve made twice were the Caruso socks from Knitty (which I made in KP’s Dancing Tap and they look like a bunch of Fruit Loops). My favorite socks which I adored making and wearing must be the pink ribbon breast cancer awareness socks from the 2006 page-a-day calendar. The color is perfect and they are SO soft (but I should have used a smaller needle for these socks and the bottoms are felting and the stitches are pulling apart at the sides, but they are SO pretty and soft!)

Favorite design And/or edging to use? Again, depends on what I am making at the time :slight_smile: I love knitting socks and my favorites change with what I am working on.

What is the specified weight of sock yarn?
Looks like you’ve got that one covered

What are the best fibers for socks?
I like wool and nylon blends. Wool socks do not make my feet smell and they’re warm without being sweaty.

What is your favorite sock yarn?
I’m cheap, I know…I like KnitPicks Essential Tweed right now. It’s REALLY soft and I love the little colorful flecks.

Absolute favorite pattern & cast on method?
I like to knit top down. I’ve yet to successfully start a toe up sock. I like Silver’s Sock Class pattern and I like Broadripple from Knitty. Long tail cast on works.

Favorite design And/or edging to use?
I like Broadripple because it makes an edge on the cuff, even though that’s where I’m starting.

Did someone say Socks???

What is the specified weight of sock yarn? Um I use fingering weight usually.

What are the best fibers for socks? I love wool mohair, but it’s usually not machine washable.

What is your favorite sock yarn? I’m in testing stages. I want to knit socks out of each different type of sock yarn. Right now my favorite is Mountain Colors Bearfoot.

Absolute favorite pattern & cast on method? My tried and true basic sock is my favorite. I use the long tail or the german twisted cast on.

Favorite design And/or edging to use? 2X2 ribbing and I do sooooo love cables.

Humblestumble, check the clearance section of your Hobby Lobby for Magic Stripes and WoolEase Sportweight (both Lion Brand). Some stores around here still have a ball or two. (You might also ask the staff if they have any in the back.) Those are my sock yarns of choice, mainly because of the price. I tried making some lace socks with worsted WoolEase, but they turned out better for slippers than actual wear-me-with-shoes socks.

If you don’t mind manmade yarn, some Hobby Lobby stores might still have a few balls of Bernat Sox. The Crazy Hot colorway (rainbow) knits up into fun socks, but ugh! sweaty feet!

Stinkin’ Hobby Lobby, getting rid of almost all their bright, beautiful wool and replacing it with that nassssty Yarn Bee novelty stuff, yesss precioussssss… Ahem, what was I saying? :shifty:

Yarn Bee is their store brand; it’s not going anywhere. I’m making a pair of socks out of Baby Bee Sweet Delight, in Sweet Cheeks Ombre. There are photos on the last couple of pages of my blog under “Blog Threads”.

Do you like how the Sweet Delight knits up? Your sock looks really cute. Yarn Bee’s baby yarns seem to be soft, but some of their “eyelash” yarns feel like unraveled scouring pads. I just wish they would come up with an inexpensive, regular worsted wool. Not all knitters want to make glitzy fun-fur scarves! (Not that there’s anything wrong with those who do; it’s just that I wish the big chain stores would carry more traditional yarn as well as the novelty yarn.)

<< What is your favorite sock yarn?
I’m cheap, I know…I like KnitPicks Essential Tweed right now. It’s REALLY soft and I love the little colorful flecks. >>

Thanks for posting this. I’m currently working on a pair of boot socks for my daughter made with Sirdar Donegal Tweed…3 balls @ $7.00/ball. It was the only sock yarn I could find at our LYS with flecks (specifically requested by daughter). Nice socks, though!


Socks??!! Only done cuff down on dpn (5, but I’ve used 4 after I snapped one). I really liked a sportweight yarn that Knitpicks discontinued. Can’t remember the name, but it made a lovely pair of sock which I GAVE AWAY AS A GIFT!!! And, to my knowledge, she’s never worn them. Grr-rr-rr-rr.

Currently am working with some Opal Rainforest in Ladybug. Love the feel and it’s working up really nicely. I prefer superwash wool, 'cuz I like to toss stuff in the washer. I guess I never feel handwashing gets anything clean. Just my foible. And even in summer, the wool has been comfortable, but then I’m always cold and a wooly sock keeps my tootsies warm.

Love knitting socks. And I’m never giving another pair away. Don’t even ask!!!

They are coming out really soft. I can’t wait to feel them once they’ve been washed!

I’ve been wondering the same thing. Maybe they are headed that direction? They seem to be coming up with new stuff all the time. For worsted weight that fits my budget, I mostly use the Caron Simply Soft ($2 for 6 oz. at Wal-Mart). I used it in a medium gray to make some slouchy around-the-house socks for my dad. I used the HL 40% off coupon for the Baby Bee stuff when it wasn’t on sale.

I’m not a big novelty yarn person either, but I LOVE the Frosting (mostly the white). I used it as an edging on a purse for my daughter and it turned out SO CUTE and soft and fluffy. :slight_smile:

For one, I updated the questionnaire! Included toe up or cuff down? and whats your fav weight yarn to use.

I went to Hobby Lobby and didn’t even see any discounted yarn. I should probably look again though. They changed everything around! And they took away a lot of their actual non-manmade stuff. Like wool and cotton. I actually ended up buying two skeins of YarnBee Sweet Delight. It’s the closest thing I could find to sock-ish yarn.

Yeay! I’m not alone :slight_smile: I hope my feet don’t come out stinky for using this yarn!

And here I go to answer my own questionnaire!

Weight of yarn: I like DK weight, I’ve never used anything else, and had forgotten what the smaller yarns were weighted as. I figured it was fingering weight, and I tried looking for that but couldnt find anything but baby yarn.

Best Fiber: I have yet to find out, but my guess would be the natural fibers for breathe-ability

Fav Sock yarn: None yet, really. I’ve only used two kinds of yarn for socks. (major brand, forgot the name) Baby Soft and Yarn Bee Sweet Delight.

Favorite Pattern and cast on method: I love toe up socks. I’ve not yet tried cuff down because I was ambitious last year and wanted to get the “hard” one out of the way. Eventually I will try cuff down, but to me that seems like it would be harder to fit yourself. I like to cast on usually with long tail, but for socks I do the figure eight or provisional cast on. I also want to try the short row toe. I might just do that for my next sock.

Edging: I have only done 1x1 and 4x4 ribbing, but I may get adventurous with my next pair. (I advise not to do 4x4 ribbing - it is NOT huggy-er) I really want to try cables!

:muah: Thanks for all the responses! Can’t wait to see what the rest of you have to say (if anyone else out there is up to the challenge of socks!
Oh yea, and are any of you doing Sock Wars? I kindof want to join, but then again I don’t know. With something like that I think I would want to have nothing else in my life going on so I can just knit knit knit.

I think all of you people need to join sock wars. Worst case scenario: [size=7]FREE SOCKS[/size]. don’t forget that. :wink:

My deal with sock wars is that, now that I want to enter more and more, I’m afraid I wont have anything in my stash to use. I don’t have any fingering yarn. :?? All I really have is Worsted Weight acrylic and DK weight acrylic :teehee: And I am now broke as all get out. :verysad: I do have all the needles i need to make socks though, save for US size 2. :happydance: I just bought a set of sock needles.

Hrm, that is an issue. Anyone have some sock yarn to donate to humblestumble so she can join in sockwars? (I, myself, am going to buy some since I don’t have any in my stash)

Hrm, that is an issue. Anyone have some sock yarn to donate to humblestumble so she can join in sockwars? (I, myself, am going to buy some since I don’t have any in my stash)[/quote]

Yup. Let me know how to get it to her. (she might need some #2 needles though)

I wish my husband’s family was normal. They are totally stressing me out and driving me insane. I wanted to do the sock wars even though I don’t knit very fast I thought it would be fun. Those that are participating will definitely have to give their opinions when it’s all over. I can’t wait to hear about it! Take pics of the socks as well please :slight_smile:

Maybe if they do it again next year I will have killed them all off (ok not really b/c I doubt they allow knitting needles in jail) and I can participate in the next sock wars!




Yup. Let me know how to get it to her. (she might need some #2 needles though)[/quote]

I sent a PM with my info, if you are serious, thank you so much! :muah: :notworthy:

If I get to join, I certainly will give my opinion! Sucks that you can’t join :frowning:

I joined! :happydance: :thud: