All the stuff I've finished for a while

I know it isn’t alot but, tada!

The socks are for my Mumsy, the mittens are for the little girl three houses down, and the white thing, which is a super cozy infinity scarf, is for the-little-girl-three-houses-down’s mum. The lighting was wonky so the mittens, which are actually dark green, turned out blue, and the spotless white infinity scarf looks dirty ( I worked very hard to keep it spotless). Anyway, I’m very happy with how they all came out. Oh, and the mittens were made possible by GrumpyGramma as she sent me the thumb gusset ebook.:muah:

Lovely work, all of them. Are you sure you’ll take the socks to give away? :teehee: Which thumb gusset did you use on the mittens?

I was so glad I found that link to the ebook again and that you could finally d/l it. That was a major irritant with emails and messages not working.

Yes, I’m sure about the socks because she knows about them. I used the basic gusset for the mittens, but I want to try the palm gusset sometime soon.

Yeah, that palm gusset looks interesting. I have really only done the wide gusset. I’ll have to experiment. I look forward to seeing yours.

[COLOR=“DarkGreen”]All 3 items look [B]GREAT[/B]!!! It looks like you’ve kept yourself busy for a while. Great Job![/COLOR]

Fantastic knitting. I love the socks but that’s coming from someone with a sock addiction, I think it’s known as a sockaholic and I fit the bill. :thumbsup:

nice job on all the projects! the yarn for the socks looks particularly interesting…

Wonderful projects, beautifully knit! How nice for all the recipients of these gifts and what fun for you to make them. Love them all.

X, the sock yarn is KnitPicks Stroll Tonal in Canopy because my Mom’s favorite color is green.

Thank you all! You guys are great!:muah:

I love the thread you used for your socks. Very pretty!