All the dog threads

Doesn’t anyone other than me have an indoor only cat that causes no grief to anyone? :roflhard:


I forgot to add that I also have a goldfish, only one though so they don’t cause a raukus in the tank. :roflhard:

I have 2 cats and 1 dog and the cats cause probably the same amount of trouble as the dog! At least they keep us on our toes!!

The only “hairy” companion I have is my boyfriend. :shifty: He doesn’t seem to bother the neighbors much. :roflhard:

I love dogs though and we want to adopt one fairly soon. So I’m actually happy to read these dog threads! :teehee: It’s very informative.

Yer not the only one stitchwitch, I have 5 cats that cause grief to no one except each other.

I’ve got three cats and a lovely black labrador - cause no bother to anyone - but then good fences make good neighbours.

All the Best

I have two dogs (one is still a puppy) and three cats. I really do love them, even though one of my cats decided to puke on my last night! :ick:

I have a big, beautiful American Longhair male cat named James.

Health problems notwithstanding, Cyrus is close to the perfect dog. No chewing, begging, excessive barking, NEVER had an accident in the house, etc.

James the cat begs food, harasses the dog, knocks stuff off my bureaus and counters and spits hairballs like no tomorrow.:wall:

But he is my cuddly wuddly kitty who snuggles with me every night!

You aren’t alone. I have 9 strictly indoor kitties. They are fat and happy and so are we!!

I have 2 indoor cats who are very little trouble. I learned with kitty #2, though, to put the yarn away where he can’t play with it. Kitty #1 likes to “catch” the yarn as I work with it (so there is some kitty slobber knit/crocheted into some of my pieces). But these are pretty minor things, overall.

giggles my cats cause so much more trouble than my dog. It just so happens that my dog is a little more… insistent when he’s feeling sick.

One of my cats, Lucky, will not leave me alone. He’s currently sound asleep in my basket of red heart super saver yarn. It doesn’t bother me much when he sleep in there cuz… its cheap, and i can always go buy some more if he drools on it too much.

My other cat, Sassy, who is a Siamese, announces to the whole household when she is hungry with a deafening yowl…

Atleast Brutus (dog) will eat anything, from anywhere, at anytime. Sassy will only eat from the very center of the bowl. She won’t touch the food on the outside edge. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have 4 indoor cats and 1 dog. The dog causes about as much trouble as all the cats put together. Plus his vet bills are about equal to all the cats put together and we have only had the dog for a year while we have had cats for 10+. He is a sweet doggie but yep…a ton o trouble!

Not me. I’ve got an indoor cat but she’s pretty demanding and miserable.

Oh and I have a beagle too.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja :knitting:

No pets, but I’d rather listen to a barking dog than someone’s booming stereo. That’s why I live in a retirement community. The old folks don’t have boom boxes.

I would have a cat but someone in my household has strong allergies … :waah:

That is exactly why I think after I have my “piss off the neighbor” get together he’s going to wish he didn’t start with me! Even soft bootie shaking music is sure to drive him nuts! :happydance:

You better hope he doesn’t try to one up ya’ and have a party with his croonies and they all get nekkid and dance around. :roflhard:

ewwwwwwwww! that’s just wrong.

I have 2 Labs 1 fish and a husband.And out of all of them the husband is the rowdiest:tap::roflhard::roflhard: :roflhard: Just kidding