All supplies gathered

KnitPicks Bare fingering weight yarn? Check.

Crockpot? Check.

KoolAid packets, unsweetened, lemonade flavor? Check.

Now all I have to do is gather up my nerve and DO IT!!! :pray:

ooooh! do it! do it! do it! do it!

and then share please :flirt:

Do it! The more you wait, the less likely you will do it, so do it now! It is really fun and addicting, I promise.

Okie dokie! I took the plunge and simmered my KnitPicks Bare fingering weight yarn with Kool Aid Lemonade. I think it went well. The yellow isn’t Screaming Yellow Submarine yellow, more of a soft daffodil. And it didn’t dye evenly, so I’ll get some lovely colorings, I think.

My problem? Weeelllllllll, the resulting yellowy goodness is a tangled mess. How in the world do I get this unravelled? I did leave it tied in the skein, as it came from KP, but still…

Any suggestions?

Bless your soul. I just dyed the same yarn last week and it took me most of the week to untangle! Sorry, no suggestions but I feel your pain!

Is it this yarn that tangles so bad? Should I look into other bare yarns???

Well, knock my socks off! I had very few problems getting the yarn rolled into a ball. Who woulda thunk it? And I also swatched a small sample, to see what it looks like. I am VERY pleased.

I’ll ask my son to take pics of it all tomorrow, as my digicam is broken. :cry:

I don’t know if the tangles are a trait of this yarn, or my actions while cooking it. I don’t know, but I plan on being more gentle in my “swishing” of the next hank.

Here is my Lemony Goodness, all rolled and swatched!!!

thats so pretty! i love how it turned out! great job :mrgreen: