All my Christmas Knitting (pic heavy!)

Hey guys - now I finally have some time to breathe after christmas, I thought I’d show you all the things I’ve been so busy making. Up until about 8pm Christmas Eve I was still finishing off a couple of things - but only small things, so I wasn’t too stressed. I loved seeing everyone’s faces when they opened things I’d made just for them - it’s one of the best parts of the season for me :slight_smile: This year most people got made things because I started in September!?!

So, here they are :slight_smile: Some are knitted, lots of amigurumi, some sewing :slight_smile:

For a goth friend who’s totally into pirates (seemed to be a theme in my christmas makes ;-)) I learned how to double knit to make this flag. I like knowing how to do it, but it really hurt my wrists! It’s in black and lilac fleecy yarn, very smooshy :slight_smile:

Also for this friend - pure silk yarn dyed by me in colours she’d like - I called it Digitalis (a sweet poison derived from the Foxglove plant) :

For my dearest mother - who I adore and can never quite think of the right thing to convey how much I love her - I made snowflakes for her Christmas tree. Her tree is always covered in decorations made by my two brothers and me from when we were in playschool (my brothers are now 38 and 35 and I’m 26, and my oldest brother had his little boy there this year). I figured I’d make some nicer looking ones than the silver spraypainted egg cups I gave her when I was 3 :slight_smile: These were crocheted and then stiffened, and I found some pretty decoration hangers. I painted the box to keep them all in.

I also made her this pan rest out of kitchen cotton - it’s one of the hexagons from the beautiful Snowflake Afghan which I want to make for next year :slight_smile:

For my sister-in-law I made a bamboo scarf - very smooshy and soft and great for working in a hospital (like she does). I just used the basic feather and fan pattern, with a garter stitch edging and a big hole at one end to feed the scarf through so it doesn’t have to be tied - here’s pics of it blocking, I don’t have any of her wearing it :frowning:

For my best friend’s girlfriend I made hair falls. She commented on my ones that are turquoise and silver and said she loved them - so I made some out of her favourite colours - here they are sitting and me wearing them :

For my fiance’s twin brother I crocheted a dalek (and gave him a Billie Piper posable doll to go with it - don’t ask ;-))

For another friend who has lots of pets, I crocheted this… thing. I called it a R-at - (he has 9 rats) because it has rabbit ears and a cat’s tail. I just kind of started and made a thing.

For another friend - a smooshy pirate flag :

And for another, a crocheted hentai tentacle monster (again, don’t ask). Here it is, on his head :

For another friend, a fellow Piscean who I share lots of artistic fishiness, I made seahorses from the fantastic pattern of Futuregirl’s ( :

For one of my closest friends, some more hand-dyed silk in her favourite colours - this one is called Forest Witch :

For my brother, a dj who just moved about 3 tonnes of records into his girlfriend’s house, I crocheted a stress record - either for him when he can’t get it right, or for her when he drives her mental with all his records:

For my 2 year old nephew, I started to make a blanket, but then the UK seemed to run out of the yarn and I couldn’t find it anywhere. So I made the central piece using Lavold’s Celtic knot for happiness, and knitted a celtic knot band along the top, then sewed them both to a fleece blanket which I doubled over. He wouldn’t let it go, so that’s always good :wink: I couldn’t get good pictures of the cabling, so this is just the complete blanket :

For my pet snake, Ash - I crocheted a bowl out of garden twine :

I also crocheted a stress guiness for a friend for his birthday in December, and made a pirate phone holder for Christmas for him, but didn’t get pics of either… So there we go, most of my Christmas knitting, whew! I took great pleasure, two days before Christmas, printing out and choosing yarn for patterns I want to make for myself… Yay :slight_smile: Happy New Year all, and thanks for looking!

That was a lot of work. :eyes: I hope that everyone is enjoying their gifts.

great job!!! I especially like the snowflake decorations and the silk yarns. those were gorgeous!!

You’re into a lot of different crafts to whip all those up. Very creative ideas, with quite a bit of humor. Your snake looks happy in his/her basket. Thanks for sharing, it was fun to look.

In case any of you are wondering what a Dalek is here is a link to learn abut them. My DH actually remembered what they were. LOL

oooh, my favourite is the silk yarn. If someone gave me that for Christmas, I’d be really excited!

:passedout: you have been busy!! Everything looks great :happydance:

Everything looks awesome! My goodness, that silk yarn you dyed is just beautiful! :cheering:

I love the snake basket!! :slight_smile:

You were one busy knitter, sewer, crocheter, etc. I especially love the sea horses. Need to make some of those for my sea-themed bath.

You’ve been busy like a bee! Everything looks great, I especially loved the seahorses and the Dalek! Now you really deserve some selfish-only-for-yourself knitting :happydance:

Wow!!! When did you start to get all those projects done in time? They are all inspiring but I love the hand dyed silk and snowflakes the most!!! Great job!

Wow I’m so impressed that you got all those gifts made in time for the holiday season! I particularly love the dalek:heart:

My o my! :teehee: All those wonderful gifts! Smaller items like that can be very tedious to knit! You have the gift of patience, I can tell!

Thanks for sharing!

Wow! That is an impressive amount of handmade gifts. I hope everyone is enjoying them.

lol @ the snake. how cute!
those hair things are interesting… I don’t think i could pull them off lol
good work!

All your FO’s made me smile! So sweet to say what you did about your Mom and to make her snowflakes! My hubby gave me snowflake earring for our 25th anniversary in December and then gave me the matching necklace for Christmas…love snowflakes!

How creative are you! I love how you improvised the baby blanket, it looks like it will be loved for years!:yay:

Thanks guys :slight_smile: Jen, I absolutely love snowflakes, it’s a total obsession of mine. I’m working on a cardigan made up of snowflakes at the moment, I will post the pattern if I ever get it finished… I got inspired when I was making them for Christmas. My bloke always laughs at me because I keep snowflake things up all year round :slight_smile:

Wow…so many projects! I especially love the seahorses!