All knitting patterns

has anyone know of any free knitting patterns that are all knit. theres no purls or anything just all knit.

This book has patterns that are all knit stitch.
The Knitting Experience Book 1- The Knit Stitch

You could use this pattern to make a scarf, dishcloth, placemat, etc…
Garter Stitch cloth
Garter Stitch Shawl
Garter Stitch baby cardigan
Garter Stitch bear
Garter Stitch top

Many of these will have increases and decreases for shaping. If you truly want to do nothing but knit then you’ll have to stick to scarves, dishcloths, and things that don’t need shaping.

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Also, many patterns that are knit in the round are all knitting – with increases and decreases, as Jan said. Hats, wrist warmers, bags – there are a lot of things you can make and still avoid purling. :smiley: