All knit ribbing....does it exist?

Ok so lots of posts from me today, I guess I’m getting all my questions out at once!

So I have a pair of Ove-Gloves. You know, the hot pads shaped like gloves with all of the fingers to make handling hot things in the kitchen real easy? Love 'em. Anyways, their machine knitted of course, all in stockinette stitch. Around the wrists is “ribbed” for a snug fit…but the ribbing is all stockinette, theres not one purl stitch in there. I’ve stretched it and looked at it real close and just cannot figure out how they did that. Is it a trick that can only be done with machine knitting? Is is some sort of stitch twisting illusion? I’m intruiged!

:thinking: Man… I have no idea! Good question!!

I’ve never seen it. Probably a machine or fabric thing. If you knit with something very elastic, it would stretch, right?

It sounds like ribbed knitting that is worked in the round, but done so with teensy tiny needles & yarn so small that you can’t distinquish the purling…?!..maybe :?? …my best guess, anyway :wink:

Good ideas, but the stitches are fairly large and it looks like something that could be done with normal smaller sized needles…maybe I can get a photo in here and show it…

And the same number of stitches??
I sometimes knit stockinette edges, but with fewer stitches, and that makes it look a bit like a rib.