All Hail Northern California Knitters!

I’m in Sacramento, anyone knitting around here?


Me! I’m in No Sac Co, Citrus Hts, to be exact.

Froggin’ away up here in Colfax! :slight_smile:

I’m in the Bay Area.

I live in Lincoln and work in Roseville. I know there is a knitting club that meets at the Panera Bread in Roseville every Wednesday, but I haven’t been able to make it yet.

Hi ,I’m in Benicia . There is a knitting circle here in first street . The owners are very nice ladies . But I can’t take any classes , I don’t have the time with my job . I signed up for a couple but couldn’t make it . I’ve seen their work and they are really wonderful

I’m from the Bay Area. East Bay.

I’m in Foster City, CA - anyone on the north Peninsula??

I’m currently living in Manteca, which is just below Stockton.

Next Fall I’ll be moving to the south bay/ peninsula area though.

I’m in Eureka, the [I]REAL [/I]northern California!!! :lol: :out:

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][SIZE=“3”][COLOR=“Purple”]I’m in Reno, but my sister lives in Sacramento, so I’m there all the time.
I LOOOOOVE Eureka, CA, “lelvsdgs”. My maternal great grandparents settled there when they came over from Finland, and I have friends who own “the Old Towne Bed and Breakfast” inn. [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

It’s such a small world isn’t it? That’s so awesome! My daughter is a 7th generation Humboldt-ian. I’ve only been here about 30 years (eek) but it’s a lovely place to live.

I’m in the East Bay…Castro Valley. Emstar915 where abouts in the East Bay are you? What is your favorite LYS?

I’m in Marin County, north, Novato to be exact. I like being close to Sonoma/Napa, and also fairly close to SF and Berkeley. My peeps.

LYS’s: Dharma Trading Co in San Rafael, and Llama Llama Knits (new!) in Novato. San Anselmo boasts a beautiful boutique-y YS called “Atelier of Marin” which should tell you something about their prices :wink: Mostly I shop at local Michael’s and/or Benjamin Franklin Crafts (there’s one of these right across the highway from my house: danger!)

Knitting is a lonely bizness when you keep it in the house. Say hey, you NoCal’ers!